The best windscreen covers and protective shields

For protection against the sun and UV, or frost, or both, these are the best windscreen covers.

the best windscreen covers

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You know when you get back to the car from a long walk in Cornwall or from the enormous weekly expedition at the supermarket and find your car has been baking in the sun? The radiating heat shimmers the air just above the paint. And then opening one of the car doors is akin to opening an oven; the hot air floods out and all the interior surfaces are scorching. Not fun.

Windscreen covers can help avoid this scenario. But there are also other types that help at the opposite end of the seasonal scale where a winter frost has made itself at home on your car’s exposed windscreen.

Below is CAR’s selection of the best windscreen covers.

The best windscreen covers for sun protection:

Best-fitting sun shade
EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

Rrp: $19.99

Price: $18.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$19.99View offer

For the best-fitting sun shade, this is your best bet. It comes in five different sizes and there is a chart indicating which size fits which particular make and model of car. Made from polyester, it helps reflect sunlight to keep your caru2019s interior down to a bearable temperature. It's foldable, and comes in a storage bag.

Best budget alternative

The budget alternative to the sun shade above. Unfolded this is a generous 175 x 90cm (there is a smaller version too which is 145 x 70cm), and fits by stuffing it across the windscreen. Itu2019s hardly high tech, but it works. Made from polyethylene.

The best windscreen cover for frost:

Best washable cover

This cover has magnets and clings to the windscreen like a leech. Itu2019s is made from polyester and so is easily washable and comes with an ice scraper. The dimensions are 162 x 96cm.

Best big cover

This cover is much bigger than the others because it extends back to cover the driveru2019s and front passengeru2019s windows too. At 298 x 94cm, Streewize says it is suitable for small and medium sized cars. Like the Object cover, it uses magnets to hold it firmly in place, unless you have a carbonfibre McLaren, in which case it is utterly useless.

The best sun and frost windscreen covers:

Best value cover
AA Windscreen Sun Shield and Frost Protection
Price: $25.03

Unlike the covers above, this one has tabs at each end that you pass through the side windows. Once the windows are wound up, the cover is held in place. One side is black, for heat absorption and protection against frost; the other side is white and heat reflective for protection against sunlight. Itu2019s also amazing value, especially considering itu2019s a double act.

Best all-weather cover

This is the German, Heyner version of the AA windscreen cover. It is one-sided only but does the same job of both reflecting sunlight and protecting against frost, made from a quilted cotton-textile material. Dimensions are 145 x 95cm.

After more car protection?

Protect you car's paint with some excellent car wax.

Protect the entire body of your car with a full car cover.

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