The best car presents for James Bond fans

The perfect gift guide for lovers of Aston Martins, Lotus Esprits and airborne Citroen 2CVs.

The best car presents for James Bond fans

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Brosnan or Moore? Dr No or Live and Let Die? Everyone has their favourites. One thing that is consistent about these films is that there are some seriously cool cars featured. From the iconic Aston Martin DB5 to the DB10 via the Lotus Esprit and BMW Z8.

And with No Time To Die finally hitting cinemas, we thought it would be a good time to round up some of the best gifts for James Bond fanatics.

The best car presents for James Bond fans

James Bond Collection
Price: $55.90

What better way to enjoy the cars of the James Bond films than actually watching them? This DVD collection features all of the films, including Spectre and will allow you to enjoy all of your favourite chases over and over again.

Pub fact: Adele's 'Skyfall' and Sam Smith's 'Writing's On The Wall' have both won Oscars

LEGO Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5

Rrp: $319.97

Price: $294.71

Made from 1295 pieces, this DB5 replica is perfectly modelled after the Aston Martin DB5 as used in Goldfinger, including the gadgets. Not only do you get the obvious tyre shredder, ejector seat, machine gun and revolving number plate, but you also get the satellite navigation and door-mounted telephone.

Pub fact: Bentley was the preferred brand of Bond before the producers decided on the DB5.

This sophisticated still from Goldfinger shows Sean Connery and the Aston Martin DB5 in the Swiss hills. It's a great-looking image and will look perfect anywhere in your home. It's framed and of exceptional quality too.

Pub fact: One of the original DB5s from Goldfinger was stolen in 1997 and remains missing to this day.

Micro Scalextric G1161 James Bond No Time To Die

Rrp: $74.99

Price: $69.99
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Walmart$109.95View offer

Unable to create your own Bond car chase at home? Aside from the legalities, you'd also be risking your license/life. Why not keep the action safe and contained with this Scalextric set. Featuring an Aston Martin DB5 and Jaguar XF it'll provide plenty of fun, especially as it features a loop.

Pub Fact: In Skyfall, the DB5 that is machine-gunned to smithereens was a Porsche 928 with wire wheels and some camera/CGI trickery.

Corgi Corgi James Bond Lotus Esprit Turbo
Price: $46.71
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Walmart$49.99View offer

This 1:36 model of the Copperfire Lotus Esprit Turbo featured in For Your Eyes Only is finished with the same ski racks, decals and Compomotive CX500 wheels as the film example. It comes in a great box and has the quality you'd expect from Corgi.

Pub fact: The reason the two Esprits were different colours was down to the fact the white Esprit would have looked dreadful next to a snowy backdrop.

While its screen time was brief in The World Is Not Enough, the stylish Z8's death was memorable as it was cut in two by a blade-wielding helicopter. This model is of the exact car featured in the film and features a mini James Bond, the extended missiles hidden behind the side vents the blades approaching from behind.

Pub fact: The BMW Z8 that met an untimely death thanks to an oversized chainsaw was in fact a re-bodied AC Cobra replica fitted with a Chevy V8.

Now I'm aware that the Vanquish S wasn't actually in Die Another Day, but the car looks so good and it's such an icon of the Bond franchise that I had to include it. This 1:43 scale model is excellently made and comes in a fetching display case.

Pub fact: The Aston Martin Vanquish in Die Another Day featured AWD and the running gear from a Ford Explorer.

Bond Cars The Definitive History

Rrp: $56.99

Price: $40.09
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Target$40.49View offer

The ultimate book for any James Bond petrolhead, this book is jam-packed with Bond car trivia. Expertly written and researched by Jason Barlow, the book features previously unseen archive material and stunning photography. It features plenty of insight too, a real page-turner and perfect for any Bond fan.

Pub fact: Quite a few of the pub facts in this article were fact-checked using this very book.

What you need to know about James Bond's cars:

What cars are in the new movie?

As with all of Daniel Craig's outings as Bond, Aston Martins will be plentiful. Just from the trailer and snippets of information online the DB5, Valhalla, DBS Superleggera and classic V8 Vantage will be appearing in the movie.

We'll also see the Land Rover Defender, Range Rover Sport and Classic as well as the Series III feature in the film. We also spotted a Maserati Quattroporte IV driven by the baddies too.

What is the best Bond car?

Chris Williams champions the classic Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me and the gorgeous Toyota 2000GT from You Only Live Twice.

Adam Binnie sticks with a baddies car, choosing the menacing Jaguar CX-75 as driven by Dave Bautista in Spectre.

I meanwhile strongly believe the Aston Martin Vanquish from Die Another Day is the ultimate Bond car. The rest of the film aside the Vanquish bits were cool as hell.

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