CAR’s top gifts for Jaguar fans

We pick some of the best Jaguar-related gifts for fans. Don't expect to find branded towels and caps here...

the best gifts for jaguar fans

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Jaguar's famous leaping cat bonnet ornament like the image above isn't used these days. It was removed in 2005 in order to comply with EU safety standards. Perhaps the EU lawmakers didn't realise the leaping Jag wasn't actually real. Perhaps they had a point in that the pointy metal feline was inevitably going to impale people. Whichever the case, today we are left with Jaguar's growler.

Jaguar has always been in a league of its own. Though it would often duel with the German marques in the sports saloon segment, it could also take on Aston Martin and Maserati too. But it's more than that. Everyone has a soft spot for Jaguar, unlike its BMW, Audi, and Mercedes rivals. The trade-off is that this gooey admiration doesn't necessarily mean sales. People buy almost literally anything else. In a lot of ways Jaguar is Britain's Alfa Romeo.

While fans may refuse to actually buy a Jaguar and opt for a Kia instead, we have compiled some Jaguar-related products that fans will want to buy.


Lego Speed Champions - Formula E Panasonic Jaguar and Jaguar I-Pace
Price: $85.00

An excellent place to kick off proceedings. A terrific Jaguar pair featuring the Formula E Panasonic Jaguar and the I-Pace. Both have turning wheels and each comes with a driver too. Set up your own racetracks, of which the crowning glory will be the included Lego start/finish line.

A beautifully finished 1:43 model of a Jaguar icon. Comes in a display case.

I own this very model. It adorns the bookshelf gracefully and is an actual feature thanks to the 1:18 scale and excellent Burago quality.

You can't go wrong with Airfix. Those who have done it before know already, but to the uninitiated, it is a genuinely relaxing break from screens and stresses. This E-Type is a level one set for beginners, so it's easy but thoroughly enjoyable for anyone seeking analogue relaxation. Plus you get a beautiful Jag to look at afterwards. Be warned, Airfix is a slippery slope. Scale is 1:32

D-Type number six is the race-winning Le Mans car from 1955. Although, the win that year was rather overshadowed by the disastrous crash that took place, which, arguably, was caused by the Mike Hawthorn in the #6 D-Type. Nevertheless, Autoart's 1:43 model of the famous car does not disappoint. Everything, from the wheels to the rivet points are in fine detail.

The XJ12C has made it here because it is a quintessential Jaguar, to employ an overused cliché. Let's edit that to supreme Jaguar. It's a grand plinth of a car that looks just as good in 1:43 scale as it does in real life.

This pair of winning Jaguars is compatible with Scalextric ARC AIR and Spark Plug. This is a special limited edition set to celebrate the E-Type's first race win that took place at Oulton Park in 1961. Comes in a commemorative box.

We've seen these haring around at Goodwood. This model is exquisitely detailed and in right-hand drive. Painted in metallic silver with functioning steering, detailed engine and interior, removable roof and rubber wheels, it is one of the finest models for the Jaguar fan.

Most of the Jaguar greatest hits are from the previous century. But there are some that are more recent. One of which is F-Type. This is a highly detailed 1:18 model by Autoart and features opening doors, bonnet, and boot; detailed interior and engine bay.


Jaguar: The Art of the Automobile
Price: $70.61

This is the most complete book on Jaguar. It explains the marque's ethos and how it translated into actual cars. As you move through the decades you get to see how the brand has evolved through various owners. What makes this book so fascinating is the exclusive material you won't find elsewhere.

Jaguar: Marketing the Marque
The History of Jaguar Seen Through Its Advertising, Brochures and Catalogues

You know this book is going to be thorough because it's written by a Nigel. It's an interesting angle from which to approach Jaguar via its marketing and advertising. This way, you get more of a sociological interaction with the marque in addition to a story of the cars themselves. The old brochures and promotional material make for great reading.


This quality print features the Jaguar MkIV, MKII, E-Type Lightweight, XK140, XK120 Coupe, and C-Type. Printed onto 250g card to a very high standard. Dimensions are 330mm x 315mm.

Retro Vintage Jaguar XJ220 Poster
Price: £3.99 (starting)

A brilliant poster in cartoonish style to match the cartoonish performance of the XJ220. It has the cars specs at the bottom, as if you'd ever forget, and is printed onto 260g satin paper. Different sizes available.

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Print
Price: £4.53 (starting)

The most contemporary triumph at Jaguar is the F-Type. This is a poster that goes a long way to do the stunning shape justice. Available in different sizes.


These are pure class. Those who know the pattern will gape in amazement; those who don't will simply love the colours.

Jaguar heritage watch. A chronograph watch that features three dials in addition to the main face and Jaguar heritage logo. The strap is genuine Italian leather and the watch comes in a stainless steel case.

Ordinarily, branded mugs are a bit tragic, like wearing socks with sandals. However, this is an exception because it looks tremendous. High gloss finish, 300ml, dishwasher and microwave safe. The livery and number 60 refer to the XJR-9 that won Daytona in 1988.

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