The best gifts for VW Campervan lovers

From hippies to retirees, everyone loves the VW Campervan

The best gifts for VW Campervan lovers

by Ryan Gilmore |
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Everyone has at least one memory of a VW van. Whether it be a childhood camping holiday in a classic T1 or T2 or a more experience in the excellent VW Grand California. My memory involves a green T2B (with an escaping wiring loom) that took me to my prom. Since its launch in 1949, it has become an automotive icon with a legion of fanatical fans.

Celebrate this icon on wheels by looking at our favourite VW Campervan gifts, perfect for anyone with even a passing interest in the VW Campervan.


Playmobil 70176 Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus

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Not all models have to be sealed away in display cases in case specks of dust land on them. This stylish VW Microbus from Playmobil is designed to survive the worst a child can throw at it. Made from sturdy plastic and featuring a plethora of fun camping accessories, it's the perfect model for VW fans of any age. It even features a detailed air-cooled engine!

If you're wanting something a bit more traditional, this 1:24 scale diecast VW T1 Bus from Welly is a nice model. Finished in red over white and featuring white wheels, it's more collectable than the Playmobil Bus but probably not as fun to play with.

This 1:18 scale VW T2B looks absolutely fantastic. Finished in Kansas Beige over Pastel White and featuring working wheels, it's a lovely rendition of VW's T2. You can even add a six-character number plate sticker for free.


The VW T3 was called the Vanagon in the United States (a combination of van and wagon), and this name has stuck with VW fanatics ever since. Show the world this with this retro-inspired Vanagon t-shirt. It's available in a range of colours and sizes.

The simplicity and genius of the air-cooled engines fitted to the VW T1, T2 and early T3s can now be proudly emblazoned across your chest with this t-shirt. Available in a variety of colours and sizes, it's a nice simple VW t-shirt. It can also be worn while driving other old VWs, early 911s and even the Tatra 700.


There are so many rubbish VW T1 Samba prints littering the internet that it can be hard to find one that actually looks good. This triple print manages to look stylish while still incorporating the all-important surfboard on the roof of a Microbus. Available in a range of sizes and on either canvas or paper, it makes a striking centrepiece for any room.


If you weren't aware, prices for T1 Campervans have gone through the roof. The most collectable examples are now worth north of £100,000, which may dampen the chances of a classic T1 camping experience. This VW-themed tent may not fool anyone into thinking you own the real deal and you may not be able to drive anywhere, but four people can sleep in this stylish tent. It's the same size as the original VW T1, fully waterproof and even comes with handy storage pockets on the inside of the tent.

Volkswagen T25 Bus T3 Camper Van 3D Neoprene Universal Bag
Price: $29.95

Take camping in a Campervan to the next level by utilising this T3-themed neoprene bag to carry some essentials on your next trip. Available in red, white or blue, this bag is perfect for holding toiletries, makeup, snacks and more, thanks to the waterproof material. It's officially licenced too.

The Camper Van Cookbook: Life on 4 Wheels, Cooking on 2 Rings
Price: $35.56

Avoid a diet consisting solely of baked beans and Spam on your next camping adventure with this Campervan cookbook. Featuring over 80 recipes you can make with nothing more than two rings, it will avoid the usual cooking arguments that can easily occur on a camping trip.

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