Early Christmas deals UK 2023: CAR’s best automotive deals

Love it or loathe it, Black Friday does provide some great deals. For the best deals on motoring-related, this is your hub.

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If you haven't already started thinking about your Christmas shopping, perhaps the thought of the bounty of bargains waiting in the festive sale might get your present-buying radar going. Black Friday has come and gone and the festive season officially begins.

Many retailers take part in offering tasty discounts towards the big day and indeed the Boxing Day sales afterwards. So, you have a good chance to grab a bargain.

Whether it's a gift for a loved one or one to somply treat yourself this Christmas, there is money to be saved off a number of great items. From dashcams to car care products and even Lego, there is something for everyone.

The best early Christmas UK deals for motorists

On sale

Nextbase 322GWVia Nextbase
Price: £134.95 was £149.95

With a 32GB SD card, Wi-Fi connectivity to your phone as well as a plethora of other features, this Nextbase deal is not to be missed. The 322GW is one of the most comprehensive setups for the price point and you get to save 10% off this one.

44% off

car black fridayVia Autoglym
Price: $17.45 was £31.35

A whopping 44% discount is available for Autoglym's brilliant car shampoo and conditioner. It contains a water repelling film as well as being powerful enough to give your car a shiny finish - it's also pH neutral which won't strip any existing coats of wax or coatings.

On sale

CTEK CS FREE Portable Battery ChargerVia CTEK
Price: $193.14 was £319.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$511.74View offer

A saving is within your opportunity with one of the cleverest and best quality battery/trickle chargers in the business. Save 40% on the intelligent CS FREE.

On sale

Price: £76.60 was £94.99

The best-selling battery and trickle charger on the market is being offered at a healthy discount of 19% off. It's compatible with so many vehicles and can recondition and recharge a battery in good time. It's more than ideal if you need to use it for long-term charging when leaving a car parked up.

Get 10% off

car black fridayVia CTEK
Price: £138.40 was £179.99

This is an opportunity to save 23% on CTEK's smartest and most comprehensive of the MXS battery charger range. It's suited for use in 12V batteries in generally more powerful cars and reconditions a battery in the fastest time out of the MXS range as well.

41% off

car black fridayVia Autoglym
Price: £12.99 was £13.82

Get 6% off on Autoglym's comprehensive wheel cleaner, which will take care of brake dust, dirt and various other grimy bits that may be left on your car's four wheels.

Save 25%

car black fridayVia Autoglym
Price: $9.44 was £12.65

Save 25% on Autoglym's popular glass cleaner this Black Friday. As the winter approaches, keeping your glass clear will be a priority, and the 500ml bottle of Fast Glass will keep it clear of the dirt, salt and various other bits of grime you that'll splatter over your windows. It can also be used to clean your interior screens, which is handy.

48% OFF

Autoglym Rapid Aqua Wax
Price: $15.51 was £29.65

Get six weeks of paint protection and extra gloss are possible with this spray wax from Autoglym. Simple to apply and shipping with two buffing towels toom, save cash and enjoy a shiny car.

On Sale

car black fridayVia Karcher
Price: £136.00 was £149.99

Get kitted out to clean the car and around the home with this K3 kit from Karcher and save 9%.

On sale

Karcher K2 Power Control Car Pressure Washer
Price: £97.00 was £109.99

Save 12% on this quality pressure washer from Karcher and get better car cleaning results.

Save 36%

car black fridayVia Bosch
Price: £133.78 was £209.00

Get 36% off Bosch's 1900W High Pressure Washer which is the ideal tool for car cleaning and other suitable jobs around your home.

Save 47%

car black fridayVia Nextbase
Price: $79.95 was £149.95

Save a chunky 47% on the Nexbase 222XR front and rear cams. Arguably one of the best value dual setups available.

On Sale

Garmin 57 Dash Cam
Price: £139.00 (was £169.00)


Keeping a watchful eye as you drive, this 4K dash cam will record crisp footage and features GPS, WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth. Best of all, it's £30 off.

Save 40%

car black fridayVia Draper
Price: $22.91 was £38.14

Save 40% off a wonderfully comprehensive screwdriver set from Draper, which come complete with soft grip handles and plenty of sizes and styles to suit your job's needs.

On sale

car black fridayVia Ryobi
Price: $119.95 was £149.99

This is an opportunity to save 20% off one an excellent Ryobi angle grinder. The ideal tool for the next time you need to grind off welds or other kinds of metalwork to your vehicle.

Save 26%

car black fridayVia AA
Price: £28.85 was £38.89

Here's a chance to save nearly 26% off one of the simplest and most effective things you'll ever need for a car. AA's digital tyre inflator represents ease of use, good value and above all, a powerful way to keep yourself safe on the roads.

Get over £30 off

car black fridayVia Microsoft
Price: £446.80 was £479.99

This is an amazing opportunity to save more than £30 on the Xbox Series X. The latest and greatest in the Xbox range and compatible with all the new games including Forza Motorsport and the last iterations of Horizon 5.

27% off

car black fridayVia Logitech
Price: $39.99 was £54.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$59.95View offer

Compatible for Logitech G923, G29, or G920 gaming wheel setups, this bargain of a gear lever can be a fabulous addition to your sim setup. It may not be the most satisfying to feel, but at 27%, who can argue?

On sale

car black fridayVia Canon
Price: £439.99 was £519.99

If you fancy upping your skills on car photography, the Canon EOS 2000D is a great place to start. This DSLR is being offered at 15% off and comes with an EF-S 18-55mm f lens. Other lenses can be added and are available.

On sale

Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless CameraVia Canon
Price: £1,599.00 was £2,399.00


This is an opportunity to save a full £800 on an incredibly advanced photography camera that boasts 4K video recording, a 20.1 megapixel full frame CMOS sensor, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so you can share files easily with Cloud. The lenses aren't included unfortunately - you only get the body to play with.

Save 15%

 Meguiar's G17748EU
Price: £18.35 was £21.82
Alternative retailers
Walmart$9.97View offer
Target$9.99View offer
Blain Farm & Fleet$10.19View offer
Lowe's$14.98View offer

Now is the perfect time to stock up on car cleaning products. This car shampoo will wash and wax at the same time, and it currently has 15% off.

On sale

car black fridayVia Motorbooks
Price: $47.89 was £60.00
Alternative retailers
Target$41.99View offer

Save 20% on the centenary book on Le Mans. Given that 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the gruelling endurance race, it makes for a perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas.

On sale

Lego Technic Peugeot 9X8 24h Le Mans Hypercar Via Lego
Price: $115.00 was £169.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$267.00View offer

This is a great opportunity to get 32% off the Lego Technic version of Peugeot's WEC Hypercar. On the tarmac, it can't hold a candle to Toyota's GR team or Ferrari's 499P, but we can't stop thinking about how amazing it would look on our hallway counter.

Save over £100

car black fridayVia Lego
Price: $284.99 was £389.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$429.99View offer
LEGO$449.99View offer

Get a massive saving of over £100 on the Lego Technic Ferrari SP3 Daytona - one of the largest and most detailed Lego car sets of its time.

On sale

car black fridayVia Lego
Price: $191.95 was £209.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$269.75View offer

Save 9% off one of the most detailed sets of any Lego movie franchise out there. The big 1959 Cadillac Hearse graced our screens, now one can grace your hallway.

14% off

car black fridayVia Carrera Digital
Price: $74.53 was £87.35

Because we're serial car nerds and chocolate is overrated, why not ditch the traditional advent calendar for a Lola T70 instead? You can get 14% off this intriguing car that can be built over a period of 24 days before racing it on your bit of Scalextric track. Or if it's a bit late into December, you can simply enjoy it as a neat model kit.

On sale

car black fridayVia Scalextric
Price: $37.64 was £53.99

Save 30% on a slot car version of 007's Copper Brown Lotus Esprit S3 Turbo, as seen briefly in For Your Eyes Only. You don't get a yellow 2CV to go with it, sadly, but it's a great saving on a very nicely-detailed slot car.

Save 29%

car black fridayVia Scalextric
Price: $49.99 was £69.99

Save 29% off the Micro Scalextric 007 set from No Time To Die. It includes 1:64 scale versions of the famous DB5 and V8 Series 4 from the film - which originated from Goldfinger (1964) and The Living Daylights (1987), respectively.

On sale

car black fridayVia Lego
Price: $29.99 was £39.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$70.00View offer

Save 25% off this Lego Speed Champions McLaren twin pack - an ideal gift for yourself and a loved one to bond with and build together.

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When do these sales end?

The truth is, whilst Black Friday has come and gone, it's only opened up the floodgates to further deals on your favourite products. The festive season is approaching and the run-up to Boxing Day sales are a great chance to snap up a bargain. They won't last forever though.

When is Black Friday 2024?

Friday 29th November 2024 with Cyber Monday following on 2nd December.

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