CAR’s favourite diecast model cars

To adorn desks, to give as gifts, or to add to collections, CAR share's its favourite diecast model cars.

Diecast model car

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Diecasting as a process has been around for almost 200 years. It refers to pouring molten metal into a mould.

Plastic can be cast in a similar way, and is called injection moulding. It results in very accurate production, and is why it is very popular for use with scale model toys.

Diecast toys have been around for over a century, emerging from brands such as Solido and Dinky Toys. It wasn’t until after the Second World War that the big names we know such as Matchbox and Corgi graced the world with their quality, accurate models of common vehicles.

There you go, history lesson for today. There are so many diecast model cars out there now, and we wanted to share a few of our favourites.

Best diecast model cars from films and TV:

Jada Fast & Furious Ford Escort Mk1 RS2000

Rrp: $23.55

Price: $19.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$25.99View offer

1:24 scale; the best version of the best Ford Escort.

Jada Fast & Furious Plymouth GTX
Price: $23.79
Alternative retailers
Walmart$23.79View offer

1:24 scale; the ice cool Plymouth GTX made even cooler.

Jada Fast & Furious Ice Charger
Price: $25.94

1:24 scale; we had to get the Fast & Furious stuff down first.

Corgi Mr Bean's Do-It-Yourself

Rrp: $56.06

Price: $44.99

1:36 scale; don't try this at home, proper rubber tyres.

1:18 scale; so much cooler than the American police interceptors.

1:43 scale; if anyone asks, you're on a mission from God.

Best modern diecast models:

1:24 scale; working steering, opening doors, correct colour.

1:24 scale; whatever your feelings, the C8 Corvette looks wicked.

1:18 scale; exquisite attention to detail from AutoArt, RHD, carpeted, opening bonnet, boot, and doors.

Burago Ferrari Monza SP1

Rrp: $69.99

Price: $64.95

1:18 scale; the coolest modern Ferrari for your shelf, opening bonnet, boot, and doors.

1:24 scale; classic outrageous Lambo dabbling with electrons.

Best classic diecast model cars:

1:18 scale; Carroll Shelby's greatest work in miniature.

1:43 scale; the original sports utility vehicle.

1:18 scale; because everyone else has a model of an E-Type.

1:24 scale; the greatest supercar.

1:18 scale; the greatest hot hatchback.

1:18 scale; cooler than the original M3.

Best diecast model racers:

1:18 scale; better quality than the full-size car, real rubber tyres.

1:18 scale; one of the best car-driver combos ever.

1:18 scale; iconic screaming rotary Le Mans racer, real rubber tyres.

1:18 scale; if you don't like the modern A110 for some reason.

1:43 scale; everyone has Paddy Hopkirk's car, be different and have the Mini that came seventh.

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