The ultimate Hot Wheels gift guide

We've put together the cheat sheet to completing your 1:64 dream car garage.

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Who isn't a fan of Hot Wheels? For over 50 years these die-cast cars have been the ultimate way for youngsters to enjoy the cars they covet in miniature.

Think of all the icons immortalised in die-cast form. From muscles cars to JDM classics to Hot Wheels own creations there are cars for any petrolhead.

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Now offering more cars than ever before, and expanding into video games and premium models, the selection of cars available in miniature is insane. We've chosen our top Hot Wheels picks perfect for any occasion.

The best Hot Wheels gifts

The best Hot Wheels gifts for chidren

Hot Wheels 5785 Basic Die Cast Vehicle

Rrp: £4.40

Price: £1.69


The lucky dip of die-cast car collecting, there's nothing better than opening a brand new Hot

The best Hot Wheels for multiple cars

Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift Pack

Rrp: £6.00

Price: £6.00
Alternative retailers
The Entertainer£8.05View offer
Argos£11.50View offer


Take the above option and multiply it by five to get the gift pack you see here. A personal

The best Hot Wheels gift for Fast and Furious fanatics

Hot Wheels Fast And Furious 5 Pack Vehicles
Price: £40.44


Nothing is a more natural fit than Hot Wheels and the Fast and Furious franchise which makes this

The best premium Hot Wheels


Hot Wheels also do a premium range which offers better quality with the same diminutive size. This

The best Hot Wheels video game

Hot Wheels Unleashed
Price: £25.32


Taking the Hot Wheels into a new generation of enjoyment, Hot Wheels Unleashed will allow you to

The best Hot Wheels gift for Marvel fans

Hot Wheels Marvel Cars

Rrp: £4.40

Price: £1.69


Who doesn't enjoy a good Avengers flick? Whether you like Loki, Drax the Destroyer or everyone's

The best Hot Wheels crash track

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

Rrp: £82.99

Price: £74.99
Alternative retailers
Argos£83.00View offer


An Amazon exclusive, this crash-tastic set includes three corkscrews, three booster pads and three

How to find the best Hot Wheels cars

If you're a little deeper into collecting Hot Wheels and know what specific cars you want to add to your collection then Amazon won't cut it. And short of rummaging around toy shops and supermarkets, it can be hard to find the exact models. And when Hot Wheels launch fantastic models all the time, finding the perfect example is essential.

Using eBay

eBay is a real treasure trove of Hot Wheels cars. Here you'll find some of the best cars ever produced with a simple filtering process to find your favourite models (just choose your favourite car and add 'Hot Wheels' in the search bar). I've selected a few of my favourites here but there is a near-endless supply of Hot Wheels on eBay.

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