The best magnetic car trackers 2022

The best magnetic trackers for security and work vehicles.

GPS tracker

by Myles Warwood |

We're all mindful of keeping an eye on your car if we need that vehicle for work purposes.

There are devices such as trackers that fit in your car to help you keep track of your vehicle if stolen. Our sister site, Parkers, has a list of these trackers and a whole list of vehicle security options.

The problem with trackers, because they are visible in your vehicle, wanton thieves know what they are looking for and could remove the tracker and discard it, thus meaning your car could be lost forever.

There is another way of tracking your vehicle - a hidden magnetic tracking device. Using these devices, you can discreetly track your car from your phone, laptop or PC. The advantage is obvious - thieves may not know a tracker is on your vehicle and may not notice it before driving away. Another advantage is that these are interchangeable and quick to install.

Because these devices aren’t hardwired in, they will require charging, so this is a maintenance job you should keep on top of for constant monitoring.

Why use a magnetic tracker?

Let’s imagine you have a fleet of vehicles, and for security purposes, you’d like to know where each car is at any one time. A handy magnetic tracker which you can change between your vehicles will help you understand where drivers are if they’re delivering goods and be able to relay that information to your customer.

You could also use it on a family member’s car, one of your children, for example, to help you keep track of their movements. Though, to be frank, this feels like a more considerable encroachment on someone’s privacy and should be discussed and disclosed beforehand.

The best magnetic car trackers 2022, picked by CAR:

With real-time positioning and real-time tracking, you can get up to date information on where your vehicle is, with an accuracy of up to five meters. As with other GPS devices, you can also set up Geo-Fencing if your tracking car goes beyond a set parameter.

This is dustproof, waterproof, and shock-resistant to give you confidence that you will get the results you need regardless of the terrain. The battery is a lithium-iron which claims to have a 90 working day lifespan. This would depend on how long working days are and how much the GPS has to work.

You will need to purchase a SIM card separately.

As this tracker has a built-in SIM card, you only need to register it online and it will be ready to go. The manufacturer claims that the 10,000 mAh battery can last for over a month, reducing charging times; the level of your battery can be viewed online at any time, meaning you should never run out of charge if you're diligent.

A handy feature is setting multiple notifications for different scenarios; for instance, if the vehicle is speeding, the GPS can send a message to your phone. Handy if you’re in control of a fleet of cars.

This tracker has the strongest commercially available neodymium magnet with a 100kg pull resistance and six-month battery life between charges (based on five-minute reporting for four to five hours of active movement per day). The device is easy to use; log in to your mapping panel and attach the tracker to your vehicle once charged.

Tracking updates every five seconds to your private mapping panel and tracking app; just log in from your computer, tablet, or smartphone to see where your vehicles are. The watertight, crushproof case means your Enforcer 4 will withstand all conditions and weather. Other in-app notifications are Zone alters (geo-fencing), motion alerts, and speed alerts using the Google Maps interface.

If you want a budget option, while technically not a magnetic GPS tracker, you can still track a device with this AirTag about the size of a 50p piece. You can keep track of your AirTag by using an iPhone 11 or 12. This budget option won't give you such parameters as Geo-Fencing or push notifications for speed limit breaches. Still, it will allow you to pick out exactly where your vehicle is using your iPhone.

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