The best wireless car phone chargers

We know hunting for a wireless car charger for your phone is tedious, so we've selflessly done the hunting for you.

best wireless car phone chargers

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Think about the scenario of travelling and you'll soon realise how useful wireless car phone chargers really are. A lot of modern cars come with USB sockets to charge your phone up on the move. But if you're running low on power and simultaneously need to look at maps, a wireless charger is a great idea. It means you can still have your phone mounted and in a useful field of vision, and it's kept on top of charge as well.

All you need to be concerned about is where you can plug the cable that connects up to the charging mount. And in most cases, a USB slot or 12V socket will do the job just fine.

If the thought of your phone running out of battery fills you with utter horror, then it's crucial you have a phone charger with you at all times. A car-based phone charger is a great way to charge your phone up while driving, you'll even be legally allowed to use its voice functions and sat-nav while you drive. And when you need to use your phone for a method of payment in a drive-thru, it's easy to just take it from the charger and tap the machine. What you're crucially not allowed to do, is use a mobile device while driving - that can get you punished.

The best wireless car chargers at a glance:

Editor's pick: ESR HaloLock Wireless Car Charger with CryoBoost - buy from Amazon
Best simple wireless car charger: Belkin BoostCharge - buy from Amazon
Best viewing angle: Anker 613 Magnetic Wireless Charger - buy from Amazon

A wireless car charger is even easier to use than a normal charger. If your phone supports wireless charging, you need to make sure your phone is touching the contact patch, what could be easier? So join CAR in looking at the best wireless car chargers on the market. We have also included a quick buyer's guide at the bottom too.

The best wireless car chargers

On sale

best wireless phone chargersVia ESR
Price: $33.99 was £41.99

'Best value' doesn't mean cheap. It's all too easy to buy a super cheap wireless charger only to have it not charge properly, fail as a phone mount, or not last very long. The ESR charger provides the performance and quality you want at the most affordable price. It fits securely to an air vent and the magnets holding the phone are very strong. The Cryoboost feature is a fan to keep the phone cooler while it's in use while charging.


  • Fast charging
  • Cooling system


  • Not as secure as others

Best viewing angle

best wireless phone chargersVia Anker

Rrp: $98.95

Price: $69.99

The drooping style of this charger means it holds your phone below the line of the dashboard. This means your view isn't obscured at all, yet the phone screen is still easy to see if you're using it as a sat nav. The Anker charger comes with a USB-C cable and 12V USB port, so you're all good to go. It is quite pricey, though.


  • USB cable and 12V port included
  • Great viewing angle


  • Only compatible with iPhones

The most secure charging mount

best wireless phone chargersVia Quad Lock

Whether one bikes or cars, Quad Lock mounts are the most secure mounts you'll find. This little add-on turns your Quad Lock Car Mount (or Desk Mount) into a charger. Getting the whole setup with the mount, charger, and case is a bit of an investment, but you'll never look back.


  • Versatile lockable mount that can be used for car and desk
  • Apple and Android compatible


  • Not as fast charging as some others

Best simple wireless phone charger

best wireless phone chargersVia Belkin

Rrp: $39.99

Price: $23.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$33.99View offer

While this only has to make do with 10W worth of fast charging compared to the URGREEN's 15, the Belkin is one of the simplest solutions to the wireless phone charging. The end clip simply mounts into most car interior vents and the cable is handily included.


  • Simple to use and install
  • Good quality


  • Slower charge than others

On sale

best wireless phone chargersVia Beeasy
Price: £21.32 was £26.99

If you want things to Be-easy when using your phone as a sat nav while driving, this is probably the best cheap option for you. This charger sits on the dashboard and as you can see, holds your phone landscape only. Provided your phone fits, there is little to criticise this functional charger over, other than that the adhesive does wear out after some time.


  • Sticks to the dashboard without leaving damage
  • Affordable


  • Landscape only

On sale

best wireless phone chargersVia Auckly
Price: £25.49 was £43.55

Auckly is a relative newcomer to the world of tech, and they offer a slightly clever version of a wireless phone charger. It uses a motor inside the unit that automatically clamps in your phone once the charger detects it.

It's compatible for a range of Samsung and Apple devices from the S8 generations up to the S23 and iPhone 12 onwards.


  • Auto clamping feature is neat
  • Compatible for a decent range of phones


  • Quality won't be as on-par as others

Best mid-range wireless phone charger

best wireless phone chargersVia UGREEN
Price: $39.99

Capable of 1100g worth of magnetic suction, this phone mount charger is a useful and great quality device to keep your phone held up. It provides 15W (max) of fast charging power and can rotate 360 degrees if you want either portrait or landscape.


  • Great quality item
  • Swivels and locks in place


  • Not compatible for iPhones pre-12

What you need to know about wireless car phone chargers

Does my phone support wireless charging?

Most modern smartphones (2019+) are Qi equipped, meaning they will accept wireless charging. Some older smartphones can be made compatible with a Qi-enabled phone case. It's a safe bet to check with your phone's manufacturer before committing. If you're still running your old Nokia 3320 then I doubt it'll support wireless charging (but the batteries in those things last forever anyhow.)

Why you need a wireless car phone charger?

It's against the law to hold a mobile phone while driving unless you're calling 999 or 112 in an emergency. Otherwise, holding your phone while driving will result in an automatic £200 fine and six penalty points. In some instances, it can be as much as £1000 and a ban from driving.

With a phone holder, you're legally able to use hands-free controls like Siri, Google Assistant, or a Bluetooth headset. Provided you don't hold it, you're allowed to use it, which is why a phone holder is such a good idea.

Ryan Gilmore is the Deputy Autos and Tools Editor for CAR, specialising in car cleaning and hand tools. With an MA in Automotive Journalism, when he's not testing buckets he can be found looking at old Porsches.

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