The best kids travel games for long car journeys

Keep boredom at bay with one of our favourite travel games for kids.

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Long car trips can be arduous for children and boredom can quickly set in. I remember sitting in the back of my dad's Audi 80 with a broken cassette player that only played ABBA just wishing for something to do. Nowadays, there are smartphones and tablets to keep kids entertained, but there are still some good old fashioned ways to keep them busy on a long journey.

The humble travel game is not only a welcome break from looking at a screen but a fun way to help your children develop new skills and pass time. We've selected our favourite travel games for kids and listed them below.


The best travel games for kids

Top Trumps Unofficial & Independent Guide to Minecraft1 of 9

Top Trumps Unofficial & Independent Guide to Minecraft

The undisputed king of the playground and now our top choice for long car trips. Easy to use and even easier to carry around, Top Trumps will keep them busy for hours. We've chosen a Minecraft set here, because kids love Minecraft, but there are plenty of other packs available. We'd choose the sports car pack, obviously. **Pros:Hours of simple funEasy to transportCons:**Food, drink and cardboard does not mix

Hasbro Gaming Cluedo Grab & Go Game2 of 9

Hasbro Gaming Cluedo Grab & Go Game

A classic game of whodunnit will liven up any car journey, but the full-sized Cluedo set is a bit bulky to bring in the car. Enter the next suspect, Cluedo Grab & Go. This travel edition of Cluedo will still have you accusing Colonel Mustard in the drawing-room with the lead pipe, but you'll be in the back of your car. **Pros:**A classic board game **Cons:**Requires three to play

John Lewis & Partners Travel Battleship3 of 9

John Lewis & Partners Travel Battleship

Battleship is not only a fun game and a great way to pass time, but it is educational. Not only does it teach strategy and coordinates, but it'll also help concentration and attention. This set includes two boards, so it'll be easy to use on the move. **Pros:**Hours of funTeach them the skill of co-ordinates **Cons:**Only two can play at a timeGood luck finding any pieces that go astray

Boggle Classic4 of 9

Boggle Classic

The premise behind Boggle makes it an ideal game to play in the car. There aren't many parts to lose, it's infinitely reusable and the game is pretty self-explanatory. Plus, it's a lot of fun and it'll help with vocabulary development. **Pros:**Easy to playImproves their vocabulary **Cons:**The lid can be hard to remove

100 PICS Riddles Travel Card Game5 of 9

100 PICS Riddles Travel Card Game

Keep everyone's mind sharp with this game based around riddles. Each card will test your mind and have most scratching their heads. To add another level of fun, each card comes with an anagrammed answer. **Pros:Perfect for adults and teensCons:**Riddle supply will be exhausted rather quickly

Orchard Toys Animal Families Mini Game6 of 9

Orchard Toys Animal Families Mini Game

Ideal for younger children, Orchard Toys focuses on easy to play games that are both educational and easy to carry around. We're particularly taken by this family matching game, but there are a whole host of games to choose from. **Pros:Great for younger kidsCons:**You could be finding stray cards for weeks afterwards

Monopoly Deal Card Game7 of 9

Monopoly Deal Card Game

Monopoly has the ability to bring out the most unscrupulous of behaviour in anyone and can quickly escalate into arguments. If you're prepared to put up with this likelihood of an argument, then this pocket-sized edition will provide a good amount of fun and quite a bit of shouting. Pros:Fun and engaging card gameCons: This game will lead to arguments

Backpacker8 of 9


If a card game all about travelling sounds interesting, then Backpacker has you covered. The aim of the game is to collect the most photograph cards. The pack is barely larger than a pack of playing cards, meaning they'll be very easy to carry around. **Pros:Very easy to transport and storeFun to play at any ageCons:**The game can take a bit of getting used to

Classic Red and Blue Twin Pack Waddingtons Number 19 of 9

Classic Red and Blue Twin Pack Waddingtons Number 1

You can't really go wrong with a simple set of playing cards, so why not get this twin pack and introduce your kids to the fun of go fish or snap? These cards from Waddingtons are renowned for quality and the best part is, you can keep a set for yourself. Pros:Simple but endlessCons: Not the most sophisticated game


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