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A leather car steering wheel

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Think of the best steering wheels ever fitted to a car; from the simplicity of a three-spoke Ferrari wheel to the madness of the one-spoke fitted to the Citroen DS, they're great to look at. Steering wheels are also essential; they're the sole thing you can move to change the direction of your car after all, so you'll be wanting to keep them in the best condition possible.

Even if in recent years they've become more and more misshapen, you'll still want to look after your steering wheel. That's why we've selected the best steering wheel covers on the market today so your steering wheel is always protected.

The sporty option
Sparco steering wheel cover
Price: £21.13


This set (including seatbelt pads as well as the steering wheel cover) will inject some sporty

Inject some class with velvet


Adding a touch of class to the standard steering wheel cover, this option from Miss Bling makes

Designed for steering wheel locks


If your primary concern is damage to your wheel when your [steering wheel


Bigger car and vans often have bigger steering wheels which can make finding a steering wheel

Simple yet effective design
Automotive Steering Wheel Cover
Price: £8.99


This microfibre steering wheel cover like this one here will keep your hands warm on cold winter

Best budget option


A basic option from Halfords, this is great if you just want a simple steering wheel cover. With a

What you need to know about steering wheel covers:

How to install a steering wheel cover

Most steering wheel covers simply slot over the top of your wheel. All you'll need to do is pull the cover over the wheel and ensure that it's tightly secured. It'll take a matter of seconds to do and will come off with nothing more than a little bit of force.

What should I look for?

Before you do anything, measure how big your steering wheel is. Using a tape measure check to see the diameter of your wheel. This will avoid you buying a cover that's too big or small (either option would be a waste of money).

Quality should be the next thing you look for with any steer wheel cover. Ideally, you'll want to spend a bit more to get a cover that'll last a long time. Don't be tempted by suspiciously cheap options, they'll more than likely be tat.

Finally, think of your hands. The soft-finish steering covers will be a lot nicer to use in cold weather than a leather option.

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