The best car air freshener for improving the smell of your interior

Left those old gym socks in your boot? Does it smell so bad that you want to throw the car away? Or maybe you want a new scent for the commute? Read CAR's guide to making your car smell fresh.

A car air freshener dangling from a rear view mirror

by Ryan Gilmore |

If you're used to a sitting in a minicab on the way back from a night out, two smells will be familiar. The first is whatever grease-laden takeaway you've forked out for (chicken and chips for me please), the second is the smell from the cheap air freshener dangling from the rearview mirror.

The sickly sweet smell is clearly there to cover up the stench of booze, sweat and dropped doner meat, even if the smell they emit isn't exactly enticing. There are plenty of quality air fresheners however, and a nice scent can totally transform your car, especially if yours smells like wet dog. So join CAR in looking at some nice car air fresheners that won't make your car smell like a waiting hangover.

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