The best hosepipes for cleaning your car

Avoid your neighbour saying 'you can do mine next' by getting the car done in double quick time with these hoses.

Washing a car

by Myles Warwood |

Could there be anything more dull in life than shopping for a hosepipe? Possibly. Thankfully at CAR, we've done all the looking around for you and below we'll explain the main things to look out for to help you achieve your car washing goals.

It's not unusual for a hosepipe to get caught on one of the wheels when washing your car. This can block the flow rate of the water, also twisting from moving around the car and after being tidied away can occur making the pipe limp and lifeless. After time your hosepipe will need updating and storing properly.

If you use a pressure washer to clean your car, these need a nice steady flow of water to be as effective as possible. A good stiff pipe can make sure your washer is constantly getting a good flow rate of water. However, you don’t want a hosepipe that is too stiff because then you’ll have no flexibility leading to, yup you guessed it kinks and knots.

What’s the best material for hosepipes?

Hoses are usually made up of rubber, vinyl or a mix of the two. There are now even some with a harder outer casing to protect from crushing tyres or feet.

Rubber hoses are known for their durability and are meant to be better at resisting kinks and cracks, which vinyl hoses can be susceptible to.

Combination rubber-vinyl hoses have the benefit of both worlds, being lightweight thanks to the vinyl and reinforced by the rubber, making them more durable than vinyl hoses and cheaper than all rubber hoses.

There are now bigger advancements in materials from which we can make hosepipes. Some now have a fabric on the outside which gives the hosepipe durability as well as flexibility.

Needless to say, there’s plenty of choice.

Does a longer hose reduce water pressure?

Yes. But you’ll not really notice the reduction in pressure in a hosepipe under 30 meters, most of us are lucky enough to have an outside tap within that distance from the car. So, you shouldn’t notice too much drop in pressure and, if you’re using a pressure washer to clean your car, it wouldn’t matter too much anyway.

Which hose should I buy?

The long-standing name in hosepipes has been Hozelock, they have set a good standard at a fair price, and while they’re impossible to not include due to their standard we will also look at some other options you may not have considered.

Let’s get one of the big brands out the way first, the Tuffhoze from Hozelock is 25-metres long and is what it says: tough. With a good crush resistance, it’ll withstand a car wheel going over it and might be a good idea if you live on a busier street.

Also, if you’re out washing the car while kids are out on their bikes the Tuffhoze might save the pipe splitting after the little ones use it as a ‘ramp’.

You’ll need to watch the fabric around your paintwork, as it can be a bit abrasive and wouldn’t be ideal if it caught the car.

Because of this tough nature, the Tuffhoze won’t be so bothered about being snagged on a wheel as you may your way around to rinse the soapy suds away.

This Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box is a neat idea, a few brands are doing a similar thing - we can see why.

They’re perfect to wash your car with. You know how when you’re walking around your car soaking it or washing off the suds and the hose gets trapped under the wheel? Well, not any more with this clever idea.

It’s a retractable hose that will lockout when you need it to. You pull it to your designed length and the hose can be locked at regular length intervals.

You’ll know it’s done this by an audible click as the hose is pulled out and the locking mechanism drops into the reel. To recoil the hose, you pull slightly to engage the mechanism again and it’ll gather the hose up.

You’ll never need to coil the hose back up in the correct manner as you try to relieve yourself of knots and tangles. The integrated centrifugal brake will manage the recoil on the hosepipe to iron out all the knots and twists.

The housing will also swivel 180 degrees so when it’s not in use, you can lay it against a wall to try and maximise space and make it look as inconspicuous as possible.

If you’re short on storage space for a hose and want something which can give you room, an expandable hose might help. This expandable hose can stretch up to three times its length and will retract down to its original shape.

Made from durable rubber it’s still lightweight enough to carry made from 600D polyester webbing, the manufacturer also claims it to have a no leak and no buckle patent.

Here’s a very clever idea from the German brand Karcher – their wall mounted hose is removable to carry around if you need to. Or it will sit in its housing where you can use it as a regular wall-mounted hosepipe.

The housing even has space for your hosepipe accessories, keeping everything in one place nice and neatly.

The Primo flex material is made up of three layers - a weather-resistant anti UV outer layer, a pressure-resistant weaved reinforced layer and an opaque middle layer to prevent algae formation in the hose. The small and compact hose still stretches out to a very impressive 20 meters.

If you need something to help you wheel your hose around and have the storage space the Gardena CleverRoll Hose could really do the trick. Ideal for wheeling out of the garage or garden shed and around the driveway while you get your car sparkling clean.

The height-adjustable handle makes it a little bit easier to stow away with the hose trolly featuring an angled connection to stop the hose from kinking.

The anti-drip device on the CleverRoll prevents water from dripping after use or when transporting the hose trolley so if you have to take your hose through the garage there won’t be any puddles left underneath it once it’s stored. The set comes complete with a 20-meter Classic Hose from Gardena.


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