CAR’s top gifts for Audi lovers

Know an adorer of Audi? We've got you covered for gifts

gifts for Audi lovers

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How miserable are most car-themed gifts? Cheap mugs with a logo plastered on or rubbish pens that for some reason never actually work. And endless logoed dust caps too, who buys these?

Looking for generic car gifts is hard enough, but branded examples are an express route down the trashy rubbish aisles. And this is a pity because nestled between the tasteless tat are some genuinely good gifts for fans of a brand.

Take Audi for example. Whether your choice is the bonkers A1 Quattro, futuristic but doomed A2 or the latest R8, Audi has a rich selection of cool models and some awesome gifts available too. We've found our favourites right here.

Best Audi models

One of the most iconic rally cars ever made, now you can pilot your own Audi Quattro through a muddy rally trail (your back garden) thanks to this awesome remote-controlled model from Tamiya. Built on the TT-02 chassis (with AWD and independent suspension) and with the iconic flared-arches bodywork on top, this'll provide hours of fun for any Audi/rallying fan.

LEGO 76897 Speed Champions Audi Sport quattro S1 Racer Toy

Rrp: $67.99

Price: $61.99

If you're after something a little slower but still want to tackle the muddy roads of a rally stage, this LEGO Audi Sport Quattro S1 is ideal. Made from 250 pieces this set includes configurable wheel designs, a LEGO Minifigure and attachable spotlights at the front. This is a must-have for Audi/rally fans and a great small gift for any car fan.

Best Audi kid's present

The Audi TT RS is a brutally fast coupe that comes with a high price tag. For much less you can get the same styling (in convertible form) as a BEV and as a single-seater, just like an LCC Rocket. Admittedly it's not the fastest EV in the Audi range, but it is one of the best value ones. Suitable for children aged over three, it features LED headlights and a 30-minute run-time.

Best Audi clothing

Best Quattro clothing

Car clothing can be very hit-or-miss. This Quattro rally car t-shirt manages to look decent and understated while still showing the world how much you adore rallying. It's available in a range of colours and sizes and is quite a nice gift idea.

Best socks with Quattro levels of grip

Change the negative association between gifts and socks with an awesome pair from Heel Tread. Each one is skillfully designed to reflect awesome cars and is of excellent quality. These Quattro ones have the iconic Group B livery in a tasteful tartan pattern. Unmistakable for a car fan, but not rubbish.

Best Audi artwork

Best Q-Car wall art

The first in a long line of brutally quick Audi estates, the Porsche developed RS2 is a bonafide modern classic. Now you can hang the squat rear end in your home thanks to this stylish artwork. Printed on high-quality paper, there's even the option to customise the licence plate.

Fire up the (Sport) Quattro

Another Quattro? When a range has something as iconic as the Quattro in its back catalogue there are going to be plenty of fans. The awesome Audi Sport Quattro has now been immortalized in this stylish artwork that would look perfect in any home. Available in both A3 and A4 (no Audi pun intended), this is a cool poster showing off one of the best Group B cars.

A striking supercar

Who doesn't like the original Audi R8? When launched in 2006 it proved that Audi could cut it as a proper supercar manufacturer. Celebrate this icon with this stylish drawing that's available in a range of colours and on either metallic or satin paper.

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