The best car-themed Christmas jumpers

We've been digging to find the best Christmas jumpers with a motoring flavour.

The best car-themed Christmas jumpers

by Chris Williams |
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Car-themed Christmas jumpers don’t often make an appearance anywhere. You could be forgiven for thinking it’s because they’re insufferably embarrassing. But we think the converse is true; that they are so cool and exclusive, few people feel confident enough to don such a garment.

Christmas jumper purists will likely object to the concept. A car on a Christmas-themed jumper is a desecration of the seasonal tradition of wearing a multi-coloured winter jumper, they'd say. The Scandinavians with their original winter knit jumpers might see that argument as somewhat ironic.

Having swiftly established that the Christmas jumper is an evolving and inclusive tradition, we’ve been searching for those featuring cars. There isn’t a wealth of heavy woollen jumpers around with cars on them, or indeed any. But there are Christmas/car-themed clothing that might tickle your fancy. We’ve recommended them here.

The best car-themed Christmas jumpers

Obviously, Christmas jumpers are cringy to begin with, so why not go all in with this option. It says Merry Christmas but maybe Mini Christmas would’ve been better. Nevertheless, it’s a great option.

This humble Japanese coupe immediately became a popular candidate for modification. Over its 30-year life, the 240SX has only increased in desirability among the crowd in love with rear-wheel drive Japanese coupes from the 1980s and 1990s.

We’d never considered the 240SX a utility vehicle, but here it is, on a seasonal sweatshirt carrying a Christmas tree around. Or maybe it spun out and ran into someone’s living room backwards.

Continuing the street racer theme, here is the supreme car: an R34 GT-R in Bayside Blue. The GT-R's four-wheel drive has kept it out of living rooms and most certainly is being used as a tree transporter. It’s a bit sacrilegious, but hey, it’s Christmas.

Like the 240SX above, this is a sweatshirt rather than a thick, jolly, sweater. It’s available from XS-3XL and in six different sizes.

If you like transporting lots of people very slowly and in style, you must be a Samba fan. Fill your boots (or someone else’s) with this unofficial, superb, seasonal Volkswagen Samba sweatshirt. The snowflakes are a particularly nice touch. Available in sizes S-2XL.

It pairs nicely with the Playmobil Volkswagen Bus too.

More of Craig Breen fan than Lewis Hamilton? We’ve found a wonderfully niche Christmas jumper (sweatshirt) that is rally themed.

The eagle-eyed will notice the corners of the illustration feature Santa’s 300bhp open sleigh.

This is arguably the most tasteful of all the options here. It’s a very wholesome design that transports us back to our childhood days of toy cars and car-themed duvet covers.

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