The best Playmobil cars

Playmobil is a surprisingly affordable way to get your kids seriously interested in cars

Playmobil Cars

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Playmobil has out of nowhere become a treasure chest of amazing and affordable cars perfect for children and adults alike. From lucrative deals with VW and Porsche to a ton of film cars and its own creations, there are some awesome cars available.

We've taken much pleasure in finding our top Playmobil toy cars on the market perfect for children and adults alike.

The best Playmobil cars

Gotta get back in time!
Playmobil 70317 Back to the Future DeLorean
Price: $85.99

The DeLorean had a troubled early life (too heavy and slow) but has since become an icon entirely because of the Back To The Future franchise. Now it has been immortalised in this Playmobil set, and this is a great gift for pretty much anyone. It comes with that all-important flux capacitor, working gullwing doors and a slot for the Plutonium to go in. It's also illuminated and comes with Marty McFly, Dr Emmett Brown and Einstein the dog. Not sure if it can reach 88mph, however.

A proper camper van
Playmobil 70176 Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus

Rrp: $49.99

Price: $44.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$44.99View offer

A fully licensed and furnished toy VW Camping Van is always going to be a fun gift, especially when it's made by Playmobil. This T1 Camping Van comes with plenty of fun accessories and is guaranteed to provide hours of fun. We've properly tested this model and found it to be excellent, you can read the full road test here.

You're nicked
Playmobil 9361 City Action SWAT Undercover Car
Price: $88.00

Undercover cars are always cool and this grey SWAT coupe is great for any young fan of the police. This cool coupe comes with two figures and a swathe of cool SWAT accessories, including a battering ram, riot shield and binoculars.

An affordable classic car
Playmobil 70177 Volkswagen Beetle

Rrp: $39.99

Price: $23.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$23.99View offer

Another classic VW transformed into a cool Playmobil model, the Beetle comes with some cool beach-themed accessories (including a cool surfboard). It features a detailed engine bay, removable roof and three figures, A great gift for a classic car fan

Mud-plugging fun

This early Suzuki Vitara-looking SUV will give your kids hours of off-roading fun. Coming with chunky tyres, a bullbar and a tow hitch it certainly looks the part while the roof box, luggage and skis are fun accessories. You can even remove the roof for some top-down off-roading.

Race around the coffee table
Playmobil 9322 Action Go-Kart Racer Carry Case
Price: $14.20
Alternative retailers
Walmart$17.49View offer

This small case is one of the cheapest ways to buy a Playmobil car and is a cool piece of kit. The go-kart looks excellent and it comes with some fun racing accessories, including a jerry can and some cones that can be used to make a basic race. The travel case also makes it great for holidays or long car journeys.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts
Playmobil Ghostbusters 9220 Ecto-1 with Light and Sound Effects
Price: $67.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$49.99View offer

If there's something strange on your living room floor, who you gonna call? Playmobil Ghostbusters! Let your child embrace their inner Ghostbuster with this awesome replica of Ecto-1. The set comes with the faithfully recreated ambulance complete with roof decor (including a working light) and proton packs for the two Playmobil characters included. It even comes with some plastic slime!

For cunning stunts
Playmobil 70551 Stunt Show Crash Car

Rrp: $36.99

Price: $21.90
Alternative retailers
Walmart$21.90View offer

Stunting is incredibly fun to do with any toy car so a car that is designed specifically for it will be even funnier. This stunt coupe comes with an optional front ramp for bikes, a flaming set of exhaust stakes (not WLTP compliment I bet) and some fun flaming barrels to use. And if the coupe isn't to your taste, there are other stunt cars available, including an awesome monster truck and a dirt bike too.

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