The best gifts for VW fans

Be it a Beetle, Golf GTI or Scirocco, we've some great VW gifts lined up

gifts for VW fans

by Ryan Gilmore |
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Put together a list of some of the most iconic cars of all time and you'll undoubtedly find the VW Beetle and VW T1 Camper somewhere near the top. The same can be said for the most highly regarded drivers cars of all time. Pretty much any generation (ignoring the usual suspects) of the Golf GTI will be on a petrolhead's bucket list.

Since its founding in 1937, Volkswagen has attracted a bucket-load of fans and rather unsurprisingly, there are plenty of VW-themed gifts you can get your hands on. We've chosen our favourite gifts for the VW lover in your life (of yourself).

And if the glaring omission of VW Campervans is worrying you don't be concerned. There are so many campervan-themed gifts that we've compiled an entire article just for fans of the VW 'bus.


Revell RV05694 35 Years VW Golf 1 GTI Pirelli Plastic Model
Price: £42.92


One of the most iconic VWs of all time, the [MK1 Golf


One of VW's weirdest creations (and names), the Thing (or Trekker/ Type 182 here in the UK) was


A very cool offering from Schuco, this 1:32 scale VW T1 pickup complete with BMW Isetta nestled in



We love the VW Corrado at CAR. [A genuine Porsche


Those iconic self-deprecating adverts VW were famous for in the 1960s can now hang proudly in your


Faster, Higher, Farther: The Inside Story of the Volkswagen Scandal
Price: £3.65


Perhaps not the nicest of topics but an important one, this book explores the [dieselgate

Volkswagen Beetles and Buses: Smaller and Smarter
Price: £27.36


Two of the most iconic cars of all time, the original Bettle and T1 Campervan surely deserve their



Early to mid '90s VWs weren't the most exciting cars available, even the MkIII Golf GTI was a bit



There's nothing better to eat behind the wheel of a VW than an official VW sausage. On sale for


The ever-increasing price of a real Mk1 VW Golf GTI may make placing one on your drive a bit

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