The best RC LEGO vehicle sets

LEGO is putting life into some of its sets with electric motors. CAR picks its favourite remote control LEGO vehicle sets.

four LEGO technic CONTROL+ sets

by Chris Williams |
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Welcome to an article that features the coolest items in the whole wide world: LEGO sets that move on their own.

LEGO make a lot of car-related sets, the best of which you can find in our frequently-updated article, but here we focus specifically on the titillating remote-control sets.

How the RC LEGO sets work

With the exception of the Stunt Racer, all the sets here are controlled via the LEGO CONTROL+ app. Through this app, you not only control the vehicle but can also undertake challenges if you wish. There is some neat additional info, depending on the vehicle. With the X-treme Off-Roader, for example, you can see what angles of lean you are achieving at any given moment.

LEGO’s remote control sets are powered by Technic electric motors and the brain of the vehicle is the Smart Hub, connected to via Bluetooth and powered by batteries.

The best RC LEGO vehicle sets:

Technic CONTROL+ Off-Road Buggy
Price: £169.39


At 374 pieces, the Off-Road Buggy is fairly straightforward to construct. But the large wheels and

Technic CONTROL+ Top Gear Rally Car
Price: £172.98


The Top Gear Rally Car is a bit of a contrast to the Off-Road Buggy. It's lower and slower but

Technic CONTROL+ X-treme Off-Roader
Price: £279.99


The X-treme Off-Roader takes on the appearance of an [RC rock

Technic Stunt Racer
Price: £112.06
Alternative retailers
Zavvi£179.99View offer


This is the only set here to use a conventional remote control, as opposed to the CONTROL+ app.

Technic CONTROL+ Volvo Articulated Hauler
Price: £229.99


Beginning to delve into the heavy machinery, we find the LEGO Volvo Articulated Hauler.


Technic CONTROL+ Liebherr R 9800 Excavator

Rrp: £975.02

Price: £821.96


The biggest beast of all, consisting of 4,108 pieces. This will take some time to construct but

Technic CONTROL+ Mercedes-Benz 4X4 Zetros Trials Truck
Price: £284.99


A new and exciting set, the Trials Truck, like the X-treme Off-Roader, is designed to achieve

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