The best car speakers

Pump up those banging tunes, even if you only listen to Jazz FM

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by Ryan Gilmore |

Max Power may be dead, and visions of questionably modified Citroen Saxos may fill your mind whenever aftermarket car speakers are mentioned. However, they can be a great way to inject new life into your car and improve the quality of your music.

If you do decide to update your sound system to blast out whatever songs take your fancy, there are a lot of speakers to choose from. So, before you go sawing through your parcel shelf, read our guide to the best car speakers currently available.

What you need to know when choosing speakers

What is a tweeter and a woofer?

A tweeter does your higher frequency noises while a woofer does lower frequency sounds. Most coaxial units come with both but they can be purchased separately if you want. I'll avoid any cheap animal gags.

Coaxial or component speakers?

There are two types of speaker you'll likely come across when looking for, coaxial and component. The main difference between the two is that a coaxial features a tweeter and woofer in one unit, while a component separates them into separate speakers.

Whilst a component option will offer better sound quality, a coaxial unit will be easier to fit in most cases, will be cheaper and will still sound excellent.

What size speakers should I get?

For coaxial speakers, it is simply a case of measuring how big your old speakers are. Whilst component speakers are a bit more complex, if your car originally came with a component set up, it will again just be a case of measuring the different speakers.

If you're installing extra speakers to boost your set up, you have extra freedom, but will more then likely have to cut holes in your car's interior.

What extras do they offer?

Some speaker setups come with Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can connect your phone to them without having to go through your car's infotainment system. The key benefit to this is that you'll be guaranteed a connection so long as your car is Bluetooth enabled. Some of these Bluetooth speakers also allow you to make and receive hands-free phone calls, a great bonus.


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