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So you’ve got an Xbox, and all you want to do is race, you may have a full simulator rig set up and ready to go for your Xbox racing games. Or, you might also have a steering wheel and pedals, or you might only have a controller. There are a whole load of different Xbox racing games for you to choose from so let’s look at what is good for you and what you will enjoy.

There are different kinds of racing games, and it all depends on your preference for a game. Are you someone who likes all the detail, designing your car’s liveries and spending hours pouring over car set-up and tracking specific solutions to problems with your car? Then a more specific Xbox racing games like Forza or similar might be for you.

However, if you want to play out the career of a racing driver, then an F1 or Rally game might be more up your street. While you can still carry out some in-game mods, they’re limited and much more manageable if you’re time limited.

Or, a plain old classic fun racing game, something like Mario Kart, where you can have a bit of fun unwinding after a day of work. These games are what they are, classic fun games without the bitter edge of hardened racing, which carry their challenges. Whichever your particular pixelated penchant, you can be sure that CAR has heard you and answered the call. Let’s take a look at the best Xbox racing games.

Xbox racing games

So we don’t confuse ourselves, let’s list the best circuit driving games first before we get into the more arcade style of racing games.

F1 2021
Price: £59.99


The last version of the game before the new regulations take over. If you loved W12 that much

F1 2022
Price: £16.29
Alternative retailers
Jacamo£34.99View offer
JD Williams£34.99View offer


2021 is so out of date. Even the cars are different. So different Mercedes used to be fast!

MotoGP 22
Price: £59.99


Maybe you prefer two wheels as opposed to four. That’s fine, some of us like watching and racing

Forza Motorsport 7
Price: £52.95


If you’re more of a purist and want to look at the unsung heroes in motorsport and race cars from

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Rrp: £31.65

Price: £24.99


If you can go for hours, then consider Assetto Corsa. Here you’ll be able to carry out a full


Price: £5.89


You may not have heard of GRID, but it’s a game where you can race an entire back catalogue of


Okay – we understand this is a stretch for a circuit racer. However, consider this if you’ve had a

Arcade driving games

Now for the less serious but still seriously cool stuff.

Forza Horizon 5

Rrp: £54.99

Price: £44.99


Explore beautiful worlds and landscapes in some of the most epic cars which money can buy today.

The Crew Ultimate Edition

Rrp: £24.99

Price: £18.99


Explore 5,000km of the United States of America as you enjoy tasty metal tunable to each terrain

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Rrp: £12.95

Price: £9.95


With the roam of Paradise City (cue Guns ‘n’ Roses), you get to do whatever you want, long power

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Rrp: £34.99

Price: £21.30


Need For Speed is the ultimate street racing game. From original versions of the game having mad

Rally driving games

We don’t think there is much cooler than being a Rally driver. Look at the like of Stig Blomqvist, Markku Alen and Ari Vatanen. Legends still today, and even more so considering the machinery, they threw sideways around the back roads of many countries.

12. WRC 10


Before everything goes hybrid in the world of WRC, enjoy these full octane pumping piston banging

WRC Generations

Rrp: £39.99

Price: £24.99


Do you want to explore all the eras of the WRC? Well, Generations is for you. Yeah, the graphics

14. DIRT 5


Rrp: £22.84

Price: £21.99


DIRT 5 isn’t your typical rally set-up – you’re not on classic rallies, more driving anywhere in


Not rallying, but Rallycross. Purpose–built circuits in hatches hotter than those built at the

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