The best travel flask for your next car journey

There's nothing better than a flask of coffee that stays warm.

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If you've ever pulled into a drive-through and ordered a coffee you'll see how expensive it is. Even a simple Americano (black coffee) can cost £4, not a lot compared to a laptop or holiday but a lot more than a fancy home coffee kit.

Indeed we found that for £8.95 (the price of two, maybe three black coffees to go) you could buy a bag of fairly sourced coffee that tastes like bourbons and will make 15 cups of coffee.

The thing is, unless you have a pair of hamster cheeks you'll need something to keep that coffee from sloshing about all over your car as you drive to work. Thankfully there are plenty of awesome, good-quality flasks available that will keep your coffee warm even if your daily commute is from Paris to Peckham.

The best travel flasks

The icon of warm beverages
Thermos 170298 Flask, Stainless Steel, Duck Egg, 1.2L
Price: $47.65

Nothing is associated with keeping your cup of joe warm on the go than a Thermos flask. It's available in a range of colours and we particularly like the duck egg colour pictured, it reminds us of a retro-inspired Caterham.

24 hours
Capacity 1.2 litres
How long a drink will stay hotN/A
How long a drink will stay cool ‎24 hours
Weight 540g

STANLEY 18-8 Stainless Steel-Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation Water Bottle, Hammertone Green, 1L
Price: $71.16
Alternative retailers
Walmart$35.00View offer

Another heavyweight of the flask world, the Stanley water bottle makes use of clever double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your beverage at the desired temperature (hot or cold) for 24 hours. The build quality is also near-indestructible thanks to the stainless steel construction and lifetime warranty. Stanley even proudly claims that one survived being shot at, perfect then for surviving the lunchtime rush to the canteen.

24 hours
Capacity 1 litre
How long a drink will stay hotN/A
How long a drink will stay cool ‎24 hours
Weight 830g

Eco-friendly option
HYDRO FLASK - Travel Coffee Flask 473 ml (16 oz) - Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Leak Proof Flex Sip Lid

Rrp: $32.95

Price: $24.69
Alternative retailers
Outdoor Gear Exchange$32.95View offer

This funky looking flask may not survive gunfire but it will keep a drink cool for 24 hours or one warm for 12 hours and it's made in an environmentally friendly way. It's also a very stylish design and it's available in several colours too, perfect for anyone interested in hydration.

12 hours
Capacity 473ml
How long a drink will stay hotN/A
How long a drink will stay cool ‎24 hours
Weight 329g

Keep your lunch warm too
Thermos 184807 Stainless King Food Flask
Price: $33.16

Flasks aren't just good for keeping tea and coffee warm, they can be used to keep food warm too. This flask is designed especially for food and will keep food warm for nine hours or chilled for 14 hours. It offers 470ml of food storage as well as an integrated cup in the lid. A small folding spoon is also provided to make eating a lot easier.

9 hours (food)
Capacity 470ml
How long a drink will stay hotN/A
How long a drink will stay cool ‎14 hours (food)
Weight 360g

A fancy option

This is a fancy looking flask works the same as the others here (using a vacuum) but claims to keep drinks cold for up to 41 hours (and drinks warm for 18 hours). It offers 500ml of storage and has a nice distressed-wood finish, the perfect accompaniment for a Morgan or similarly British sports car.

18 hours
Capacity 500ml
How long a drink will stay hotN/A
How long a drink will stay cool ‎41 hours
Weight 310g

Extra large storage

Thankfully this is not the worst Ferrari ever made, this is an excellent flask. Sometimes having bigger is best and this flask is easily big enough for two people. especially as it comes with two cups. Offering 1.8 litres of storage it will keep a drink warm for 12 hours and one cold for 24 hours. Be warned, you may need an American-sized cupholder for this one.

12 hours
Capacity 1.8 litre
How long a drink will stay hotN/A
How long a drink will stay cool ‎24 hours
Weight N/A

How the CAR team likes its coffee

A coffee being made
©Photo: Getty Images

Never one to do things easily the CAR team has a vast array of coffee-making devices that look like a mixture between a steampunk kettle and an extra from the set of Red Dwarf. But if there's one thing car journos know about (other than cars), it's coffee, so here are our top coffee picks.

Adam Binnie - " I use an Aeropress because it's a perfect storm of high strength brewing, low acidity and next to no washing up (you literally fire a puck of squeezed grounds into the compost bin), which results in a huge satisfaction-to-faff ratio. It also means a robust brew that stands up to being kept warm for several hours in a flask - emerging from the container several hours after being poured, it still tastes as fresh as simply balling a handful of coffee beans straight into your mouth."

Ryan Gilmore - "My coffee machine buying problem continues to be a blight on any available worktop space in my kitchen. The latest development is the simplicity of a dripper that produces some excellent tasting coffee without the need for prep and easy cleanup. The paper filter holds the left offer coffee grounds and can be placed into the compost after use. I use a medium ground coffee and the genius of the drip is that I can pour it directly into a flask."


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