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A grubby but organised garage

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It's very easy to think of the garage as a dumping room, perfect for those things you know you shouldn't throw away but don't want cluttering up your home.

My dad sees it this way, the garage contains everything from tools and wood offcuts to a skip-sourced gate and loose (and sprouted) potatoes. In fact, I can't think of a single time in my life that the garage has been capable of housing a car.

The fact remains that if you're lucky enough to have a garage and you're not keeping it organised then you're missing out on a lot of potential car and car accessory storage. As such, we've put together a guide to what you need to clean and organise that garage.

Cleaning tools

The best all-round vacuum cleaner

Your standard vacuum cleaner will probably be out of its comfort zone if you present a garage to it so a proper vacuum cleaner will be a sound investment. The Ku00e4rcher WD4 vacuum can be used on wet and dry surfaces and features a powerful 1000W motor. It features a space-saving design and will prove itself as a worthwhile investment in your garage. It's a great corded option for vacuuming the car too.

Broom for debris and spillages
TDBS Multi-Purpose Rubber Broom
Price: $14.97

Better than a normal broom, this rubber tow-in-one broom also comes with a handy squeegee blade that can be used to clear up spillages.

Tested 2021: "I've been using this broom for a while now and it's very effective. The rubber bristles mean that there's a fair bit of resistance on hard surfaces but it will thoroughly clean surfaces. The squeegee blade is a great addition for small spillages too and the build quality is great too."

Compact vacuuming

For smaller jobs (like cleaning a worktable surface) a smaller but still powerful vacuum like this unit from Worx is perfect. It's lightweight and small in size and will be excellent on small surfaces. If you already have some Worx Power Share tools (like the Hydroshot we've tested) then you can even share the batteries.

A modern mop

A good mop is a garage must have and this EasyGleam brings the humble mop and bucket into the 21st Century. Easy to use thanks to the dual chamber bucket design and washable microfibre pads this mop is ideal for cleaning a garage floor.

Best means of floor sweeping

Think of this contraption as a mini road sweeper, perfect for cleaning debris off your garage floor. The Karcher Floor Sweeper doesn't have a vacuum function but uses sweepers to collect debris that could block a vacuum cleaner into a 16-litre storage tank. It can be stored vertically, thanks to its folding handle and is mains powered. It's great for driveways and patios too.

Cleaning products

Proper garage paper towels
SCOTT Multi Purpose Shop Towels

Rrp: $37.90

Price: $34.50
Alternative retailers
Walmart$32.81View offer

Shop towels are basically ultra-thick kitchen towels and are handy to have for cleaning up. This option offers 10 rolls, each of which offers 52 towels and covers 41.3 square feet. These shop towels can work wet or dry and are incredibly strong. This 10 pack is great value for money too.

Shift oil and grime from your hands

Hate getting oil on your hands? I know I do especially when it comes to the faff of washing it off. Swarfega is a go-to product for removing oil and grease from your hands and this four-litre pump bottle will be perfect for the garage after some fettling. Now made without any of those harmful microbeads (it uses cornmeal instead) it's also good for the environment.

Get some proper wet wipes

For those pesky jobs, nothing gets close to wet wipes for cleaning away grime even if they're not the best for the environment. This 80 pack of XXL wipes are perfect for cleaning cars, bikes and even boats. It's safe to use on leather and upholstery and it contains Vitamin E to keep your hands healthy.

Protect your hands from nasty chemicals

Gloves will always come in handy (sorry) in a garage and these black nitrile gloves are an excellent choice to have. This pack contains 100 gloves, all of which are silicone-free (so no ugly finger marks) and are tough enough for use in a garage.

Disinfect surfaces without harming the environment

Chances are, if you haven't cleaned your garage in a while there will be all sorts of nasty stuff lurking about that could do with a good clean. This spray from OceanSaver is eco-friendly and will kill 99.9% of all bacteria (they all say that). You only need to buy the spray bottle once, which massively cuts down on unnecessary waste. Add one of the EcoDrops into the bottle, fill with 750ml of water and you have your spray. When you need to, simply order more plastic-free EcoDrops. Superb system.

Remove mould from your garage
Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover
Price: $11.49

Mould is a real possibility in a garage and it's never a nice thing to deal with. Black mould, in particular, is particularly nasty (and harmful to your health too) so a proper mould spray is always a handy thing to keep in the garage. This spray from Astonish will remove mould with ease and can be used throughout your home too. It'll even whiten grout.

Perfect for an oil spill
Catsan Hygiene Plus Cat Litter
Price: $13.89

If you're working with oil then a simple bag of kitty litter will help in the event of a spill. Cat litter will absorb the spilt oil and can be simply swept away once it's dried. This particular example is non-clumping and will be more effective on the oil. Wood shaving and even cornflour can also be used but cat litter is the best value option. You'll get bonus use out of this if you own a cat that needs the toilet.


Heavy-duty garage storage
Garage Shelving Units 180cm x 90cm x 45cm
Price: $99.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$114.99View offer

Metal shelves are a good way to organise a garage without spending loads of cash. These shelves are made from steel and wood and each shelf can support 127kg for an overall weight limit of 875kg for this unit. It comes in a range of colours and has a five-year warranty, perfect for storing your pressure washer and assorted car cleaning gubbins.

Best storage boxes

If your garage is also used as a storage unit and you're wanting to reclaim it for your car then the extra storage offered by a plastic box can't be beaten. This five-pack of lidded boxes offer 56-litres of storage each and have tessellated lids for very secure stacking. They are made from 100% recycled material too and capable of holding up to 50kg each. External dimensions are 600mm (L) x 400mm (W) x 310mm (H).

Store your tools properly
Sealey AP22507BB 7 Drawer Rollcab
Price: $490.33

The garage is the perfect place to store your tools and a proper tool chest is the best way to keep them organised and from going missing. The Sealey 7 Drawer Rollcab is our current favourite tool chest because of its good size, sound build quality and advanced security measures.

Best for wall storage

Utilise that wall space by hanging tools off it. A pegboard is a great way to squeeze some extra storage in any room but the ability to hang tools off one in the garage is a real no-brainer for better organisation and accessibility. This pegboard set from VonHaus is made from powder-coated perforated steel and comes with three 600mm x 400mm pegboards and 42 accessories including hooks, shelves, and a spanner holder. The only downside is the absence of mounting fasteners.

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