Don’t be left adrift this winter with these snow shovels

Whether it be a driveway or a snow bank, you'll regret not getting a decent shovel when the snow starts to fall.

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While the UK isn't as snowy as Minnesota, when the snow does start to fall, some areas end up absolutely buried in the stuff. And if the weatherman is threatening snowfall, it's a good idea to buy a snow shovel of some description to prevent you from becoming stuck. If you've ever been in a car stuck in snow you'll be aware of just how annoying the situation is.

Snow shovels vary from small portable options you can store in your car to giant-wheeled snow pushers that'll clear a driveway in no time. We've selected a range of our favourites right here alongside some important accessories and a very clever trick to keep compacted snow from sticking to your shovel.

The best snow shovels

The best show shovel for keeping in the car
Draper Folding Steel Shovel
Price: $31.12

The obvious choice for keeping in your car, this folding shovel from Draper is a well-made choice for chopping through the snow without risking frostbite. It features a carbon steel blade and the handle is tubular to save weight, powder coating will keep any rust at bay too. The blade also features a serrated edge to cut through ice and it comes with a storage pouch so melted snow doesn't get all over your car.

The best show shovel for clearing a driveway
Heavy Duty Rolling Snow Pusher
Price: $52.99

Before you even get on the road you'll probably need to clear your driveway of snow, a thankless task with a small hand-held snow shovel. Speed up the process with this heavy-duty wheeled snow pusher. Featuring an adjustable and padded aluminium handle, rubber wheels and tough steel blade, it's perfect for clearing your driveway of snow.

The best multipurpose show shovel
Draper Expert Multi-Purpose Polypropylene Shovel
Price: $133.38

Do you just want the one shovel that can do everything? This polypropylene may not be the most space-efficient but its lightweight and a very good shovel. It's also very well made and can be used year-round for other shovelling duties too.

The best show shovel kit for winter breakdowns
AA Winter Car Kit
Price: $33.12

A winter emergency kit is a clever choice for preparing yourself for a fight with Jack Frost. The biggest difference between this kit and a regular emergency kit is the addition is a folding snow shovel and foil blankets for keeping warm. It also includes a high-vis vest and LED torch to help with those horrible nighttime breakdowns.

The best show shovel treatment
Turtle Wax Wax It Wet
Price: $36.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$24.13View offer

A little trick to keeping snow from sticking to your shovel is to coat it with some spray car wax. It doesn't have to be a fancy ceramic option, just apply a little to a dry shovel, buff it after a few minutes and you'll notice that snow no longer clings to your car.

The best snow shovel companion
Swedish Ice Scraper
Price: £13.99

Our favourite ice scraper, the Swedish Ice Scraper is incredibly tough being made from laser-cut, 6mm recycled acrylic glass and designed to cope with the wickedest of nordic winters. For more delicate tasks (please don't use a shovel on your windscreen) it's effective and comfortable to hold thanks to a neoprene sleeve.

The best gloves for snow shovelling

Keeping your fingers working is desirable, which means you should protect them from the cold with a decent pair of gloves. Our colleagues at Live For The Outdoors have tested and rated the best and the Montane Supercell gloves won the ‘best value’ award.

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