The coolest 16-inch wheel trims

Inject some personality into your wheels with our favourite 16-inch wheel trims

A selection of car rims on display

by Ryan Gilmore |

Bare steelies are seeing a bit of a renaissance at the moment. The industrial simplicity of them looks great on classics like the Peugeot 205 Rallye and the new Land Rover Defender. And yet for many years, they were about as popular as putting lemon juice in a papercut.

And if you're still of the opinion that steelies don't look good, we've found some brilliant wheel trims you can add to your car to cover them up. All of these wheel trims will fit 16-inch wheels and should add some style to your car.

And while you're updating the look of your car, why not treat your car to a polish or give the interior a good clean?

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What you need to know about 16-inch wheel trims:

What wheels do they fit?

The first thing you'll need to know is what size rim your car has. The easiest way of finding out is by looking at your tyres. Look for the R marking and see what number follows it to get your rim size. An R 16 marking will mean you have 16-inch rims.

You can also only add wheel trims to steel wheels. The only way to really change how your alloys look is by buying new ones or getting them wrapped or repainted. You can, however, improve how your alloys look with some alloy wheel cleaner.

How do I add 16-inch wheel trims to my car?

Wheel trims are very easy to add to your car and can be done by someone with next to no mechanical knowledge. And the best part is, you don't need any tools to fit them.

• Clean your steel wheels.

• Take your wheel trims and align the inner metal ring with the tyre valve.

• Push the wheel trim onto the wheel and apply pressure until it has clicked into place.

• Repeat for the other wheels.

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