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Save yourself some time and money by getting yourself a complete car polishing kit.

Best car polishing kits

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If you've come here thinking you'll get a rundown of wax/polish products, you are mistaken, I'm afraid.

You see, contrary to popular opinion, wax and polish are very different products: polish is abrasive and creates a shine on paintwork; wax is a protectant that you apply to paintwork following a polish.

Don't feel too bad, even some product labels can't get it right. However, what you will find in this article is a range of top polishing kits for restoring paintwork and getting it to gleam.

If it's wax you're after, see our other guide to the best car wax.

Also, for a full rundown on polish, read our guide to the best car polish.

First up, polishing kits for hand application:

Popular choice
Auto Glym Super Resin Polish Complete Kit
Price: £23.59


An incredibly popular hand polishing kit. Autoglymu2019s polish produces a great glossy finish,

Best complete paint care kit
Meguiar's Ultimate Paint Care Kit
Price: £62.99


Think of Meguiaru2019s kit as a more comprehensive version of the Autoglym set above. Complete

Best for dark colours


Black paintwork is the hardest to keep looking magnificent, but this set is specifically for black

Best for metal
Autoglym Metal Polsih
Price: £12.49
Alternative retailers
Halfords£13.56View offer


To be honest, we'd normally recommend the Quixx Metal Restoration Kit, but it has been rather hard

And for polishing tools:

If you need a full guide on polishing tools or polishing pads, read our respective guides on these subjects.


For a complete kit including a polishing tool, you canu2019t miss this. The polisher included is a

Best quality pads for 150mm polishers
3M Perfect-it 150mm Polishing Pads
Price: £18.85


Everyone knows the 3M name, and this 2-pack of 150mm foam polishing pads are for polishing tools

Best value kit for 10-inch buffers
Kent Car Care 8-Piece Clean, Buff & Polish Pad Set
Price: £13.99


For those of you who have a 225mm to 255mm (9 to 10-inch) polisher like the Ryobi tool pictured

Some of you may use a random orbital sander for polishing, and that is absolutely fine. They are great for it. Some of you may not have realised, but by all means, use your random orbital sander for polishing. They oscillate like dual-action polishers, so they behave like a fast hand polish.

Quality random orbit sander for DIY
Bosch PEX 300 AE Random Orbit Sander

Rrp: £88.00

Price: £73.95

If you want polishing pads for your random orbital sander or need replacements, the polishing sponge is excellent. The one below is for a 125mm random orbital sander.

Bosch 125mm Polishing Sponge

Rrp: £9.10

Price: £8.43


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