The best 4 stroke engine oil

There are more exotic topics to consider, but 4 stroke engine oils will keep your lawnmower going forever

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by Ryan Gilmore |

You can't go pouring Castrol GTX into a 4 stroke engine unless you want a hefty repair bill. While ICE cars, for the most part, are 4 stroke setups (unless you're unlucky enough to drive a 2 stroke Trabant 601 or Wartburg Knight) they need different oils to a 4 stroke motorcycle or lawnmower.

While there's not much difference between the more advanced 4 stroke engine oils and normal car engine oil, it's still a safe bet to make sure that you get the correct oil for your engine. With that read CAR's guide to the best 4 stroke engine oils and you'll be sure to find the right one for your 4 stroke motor.

What you need to know about 4 stroke engine oil:

What do the readings mean?

We've already looked at the standard oil readings (XWXX) and how they affect your engine's performance, but it's important to note that these figures do translate into some 4 stroke engine oils too. Especially the more refined options designed for use in motorcycles.

For less complex 4 stroke engines (lawnmowers and generators) there is no need for massive refinement. These can make do with single reading oils (e.g. SAE30) that have a standard viscosity because they do not have to operate at greater performance levels.


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