The best black car wax for a deeper shine

Keeping a black car clean can feel like a full-time job, give yourself a fighting chance with a specially formulated black car wax.

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While paint protection is largely designed to preserve the finish of a car, black car wax serves a second purpose. These car waxes are designed to fill in the tiny imperfections that are often very noticeable in black cars, restoring a mirror-like finish while also helping keep the paintwork glossy.

Is there a more menacing car colour than black? Whether it be a long-wheelbase Mercedes S-Class rushing dignitaries, white-collar criminals or Miranda Priestly around, an art-deco masterpiece or the Buick GNX, black can be a moody, brutish colour that looks utterly fantastic. It's also a safe choice come resale time and is the second most popular new car colour here in the UK.

The best black car wax at a glance:
Editor's choice: SOFT99 Fusso Coat Dark
- Buy now from Amazon UK
Best black car spray wax: Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax - Buy now from Turtle Wax
Best on a budget: SOFT99 Dark and Black Wax - Buy now from Amazon UK

The only downside to black paint is that it shows up every little speck of dust (not to mention small scratches and marring) quicker than any other colour on the market. The rich, glossy finish that black cars look best in can be hard to maintain without a good wax. It's this reason why several companies now offer waxes designed specifically for black cars and we've found the best examples on the market for keeping that deep black shine.

The best car wax for black cars

Editor's choice

SOFT99 Fusso Coat Dark
Price: £28.88


Not much can get close to the level of protection offered by SOFT99 Fusso Coat Dark. Technically a


  • Outstanding durability
  • Really good value for money


  • Don't get a proper applicator

The best black ceramic car wax

Car Gods Eros Black Ceramic SiO2 Wax 500ml
Price: £24.99


If you prefer a liquid wax with a similarly long-lasting finish, then our top choice for a black


  • Liquid wax for easy application
  • Uses ceramic technology


  • Not the longest-lasting wax

The best black car spray wax


Spray waxes are easy to apply and serve as a fantastic way to top up gloss, and in this case,


  • Quick and convenient to use
  • Ceramic technology


  • Won't last as long as paste options

The best budget black car wax

SOFT99 10 Dark and Black Wax

Rrp: £18.99

Price: £15.39


Decidedly old-school in every aspect, the gloss offered by SOFT99's Dark and Black Wax is almost


  • Beautiful shine
  • Exceptional value for money


  • Only lasts eight weeks per application

The best black car polish and wax

Sonax 296100 Polish and Wax
Price: £20.45


A slightly more abrasive option that both refreshes and protects black paintwork, Sonax combines


  • Polish and wax in one
  • Depper layer of paint protection


  • More abrasive than the rest

Black car waxes: FAQs

Why do black cars show up scratches so much?

Scratches and marring are an unfortunate reality of any black car that's regularly driven. Whether it be branches, small stones or an overzealous cleaning technique, small scratches will be introduced into the paintwork. The problem is that these scratches often appear white close up which makes them exceptionally noticeable on a dark car. If loads of these scratches are present, it'll take away from the mirror-like finish and contribute to dull-looking paintwork. It's this reason that scratches don't show up on white cars unless you look really close up at them.

How is black car wax different?

All car wax provides a clear layer of protection for bodywork and enhances gloss. Black waxes are formulated specifically for darker cars, making use of fillers for the smaller scratches, and even black pigments to ensure that the finish is as dark and glossy as possible.

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