The best budget pressure washers under £150

Allow our list of pressure washers take the pressure of purchase away from you.

PRessure washer cleaning Nissan GTR

by Myles Warwood |

Few things are better in life than looking out at your car with a cup of coffee in your hands and preparing yourself to give it a good deep clean. The pleasure of turning a dirty car into a clean car on a nice day is something we Brits love; at CAR, we sometimes purposely get the cars dirty to enjoy getting them clean again!

There has been a debate for a bit of a while whether a hose with elbow grease is a better option than a pressure washer for car cleaning. This can be true if the pressure from your washer is too high and capable of damaging the vehicle in question, but the pressure washer blasts the hosepipe out of the water during more general-purpose cleans.

Whether you're hoping to get to grips with snow foam or want to blast away some fallout, we’ve put together a list of the best pressure washers you can get your hands on for under £150 to help you make the most of your car cleaning time.

Designed to clean vehicles, outdoor patios, decking and brick walls, the RPW120B has a 1,800W motor, onboard storage, spray nozzle wand and on-demand detergent option. The compact design makes storage easy while the wheels make it easy to transport, not that it’s overly heavy at 10kg.

A 5 meter durable and flexible steel-armed hose resists kinking to give you a constant and smooth flow of pressurised water at 120 bar and a 380 litres per hour flow rate. This model only comes with the trigger gun, Vario lance, turbo lance and hose, but you can purchase other accessories like a rotary brush for cleaning your car and a patio brush kit for floors.

Kärcher has long been the standard name in the pressure washer business – the German brand bringing all the efficiency it can offer with reliability and precision.

The maximum pressure of 110 bar at 160 litres per hour is the tiny weight of 4kg (without accessories), which means this model is light but mighty. Perfect for bikes, garden tools and garden furniture, the model might lack all the grunt you need to blast the dirt from your patio, but it should be enough to help you clean your car.

Bosch does away with the tower-style pressure washer and makes it's own easy to hold and carry around. This highly compact design makes storage a doddle and doesn’t compromise on what makes a pressure washer one of the best products in your shed. At 4.7kg, it’s light enough for you to hold while you use it.

The adjustable cleaning intensity allows you to tailor the spray size for your task, from a gentle rinse to the removal of stubborn baked-on dirt. The 1,500 Watt motor provides 350 litres of water per hour and 120 bar of pressure.

Created in 2006 by a team of Norwegian engineers, the Norse SK125 will give a maximum pressure of 2350PSI or 160 bar with a flow rate of 460 litres per hour from the 2,200-watt high-quality copper wound brushless motor.

The minimalist design is achieved by having a locking door to house all the accessories you’ll need to get the job done, and in a super neat look, the 6-meter house has its own reel to stop it from tangling itself during storage.

If you enjoy cleaning your car, you may be familiar with Turtle Wax as a brand, but did you know they have their pressure washer? Well, if you didn’t, I guess you do now.

Whatsmore, Turtle Wax has a range of accessories to help you make cleaning a doddle. With a 90-degree nozzle, you can get under your wheel arches to blast off the stubborn dirt or even high above your head and blow the leaves out of the guttering. Patio cleaners to make outdoor cleaning quick and efficient, a fixed brush to help clean the car, and a snow foam gun will make washing the car even more fun.

120 bar of pressure from a 1,600 Watt motor and a flow rate of 390 litres per hour, this Turtle Wax pressure washing could be the perfect answer to your cleaning question.

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