The best car dehumidifiers

Curtail condensation and mould growth in your idle car with a car dehumidifier. We decide which are best.

best car dehumidifiers

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Car dehumidifiers have their uses in the colder parts of the year. Alongside winter driving kits, they're a fab way to keep your car safe during the harsher months. When a modern car is in use, we have the air conditioning on to quell moisture build-up. But when we have the car sitting idle or sitting idle in the car waiting for the takeaways to be ready, what then?

This is where dehumidifiers step in. They're great because they absorb moisture from the air. When the air is dry, mould or mildew growth is inhibited and so too are the musty smells that come along with them. We've recommended a small selection of the best car dehumidifiers to use when a car is idle or in storage.

If you need to have a look over your car, check out our ultimate winter car check guide, which recommends everything from engine oil to tyre pressure gauges.

The best Black Friday dehumidifier bag deals 2023

We interrupt your scrolling because Black Friday season is here. What this means for you is that there are some good savings to be had on your favourite automotive products. This includes dehumidifiers that will help with damp car interiors in the winter months.

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Nevertheless, whilst cleaning out your car's interior is paramount when it comes to keeping it fresh. We've drummed up a list of the best car dehumidifiers and ways in which you can keep the air at its purest. And if you need to attack your windscreen more thoroughly, we've even come up with the best ice scrapers available.

The best car dehumidifiers at a glance:

Editor's pick: Hillington Reusable Car Dehumidifier Bags - buy from Amazon.
Best value car dehumidifiers: Gadlane Reusable Dehumidifier Bags - buy from Amazon.
Best digital car dehumidifier: Russell Hobbs Dehumidifier - buy from Amazon.

The best car dehumidifiers

Editor's pick

best car dehumidifiersVia Hillington

Our top-rated car dehumidifiers are these silica-filled bags. They're the best option because these 1kg bags can absorb up to 400ml of water each. Therefore, you can have them in a vehicle for a long time before 'recharging' and they can be used in large vehicles too, including campervans.

There are many silica-filled bags on the market but we rate these ones not only because the volume can soak up but also because they bear two handy features. One is the blue dot. When the bag has absorbed all it can, the dot goes blue. You then 'recharge' it (about once a month in the microwave) and the dot goes pink. The second useful feature is the inclusion of non-slip pads that you can use to stop the bags from sliding off a dashboard.


  • Simple and affordable
  • Incredibly effective at keeping the air fresh


  • Heavier than other options

Easiest dehumidifiers to place

best car dehimudifiersVia Eco Whiff

These hangable dehumidifying bags have been designed to remove moisture from the air, reducing damp, mould, mildew and condensation.

Each bag features Natural Hydrophilic Crystals that draw surrounding water droplets in the ambient atmosphere while the Eco Whiff charcoal formula eliminates bad odours. We especially like these bags for their hooks as they're perfect for hanging on the rear-view mirror.


  • Porous material is great for absorption
  • Hangable


  • Will probably need to remove from position when you set off

Best value car dehumidifer

best car dehumidifiersVia Gadlane

Gadlane's dehumidifier bags are the same size, filled with the same silica gel, and capable of absorbing the same volume of water as the Hillington bags. However, they don't come with the moisture indicator or non-slip pads. Nevertheless, they still do a brilliant job of absorbing moisture. To 'recharge', simply put them on a radiator, in the microwave, or just air them out.


  • Great value
  • Compact and can be stored in a number of places


  • No fully charged indicator

The best digital car dehumidifier

best car dehumidifiersVia Russell Hobbs

The dehumidifier bags are your best option. But if you want a device, there are a couple of options, the best of which is this. This compact cordless dehumidifier can inhale one litre of water then automatically cut off once full.

It even has a defrost function, making it the perfect choice for cars left in cold garages overnight. It might be expensive but this unit is compact, easy to use and very effective.


  • Very effective dehumidifier
  • Smarter than the silicone bags


  • Unless you have a suitable cubby hole, there aren't many places to put it in a car

best car dehumidifiersVia UKB4C

Another great option on the smaller end of the spectrum comes in the form of these 350g dehumidifier bags from Northampton-based firm, UK4BC. There is a recharge indicator in the middle of the bags which turn from blue to pink when you need to recharge them.

Each one can hold up to 150ml of water, and UK4BC say they're suitable for a number of applications from the cabin of your car to garden furniture storage and even your kitchen windows.


  • Suitable for a number of applications
  • Great value


  • Larger packs can be had

On sale

best car dehumidifiersVia Autoglym
Price: $9.29 was £13.94

One other option of ensuring fresh, clean air in your car is to attack different areas of your car's cabin with some air freshener. Autoglym is only too happy to provide.

Designed to be applied in small doses on carpets and fabric trim, Autoglym's Odour Eliminator effectively kills bad odours that occur throughout your interior. Whether the source is from pets, food, or drinks, this will make your vehicle a pleasant thing to climb into again.


  • Effective air freshener
  • Kills a number of bad odours


  • It's not guaranteed to work on everything

Best air con cleaner

best car dehumidifiersVia STP

STP's angle to the bad odour/humidifier problem is rather more technical than the other options. Instead of leaving a bag of dehumidifier on your dashboard or spraying some aerosol, you place the Air-Con Cleaner on the floor of your car, turn on the A.C, press the bottle and let the product find its way into the air conditioning vents and clean it out from there.

According to STP, it only takes ten minutes to do a full clean out, and after the bottle is empty, you simply open all windows and allow the interior to breathe. It helps clear out bacteria or other nasties in your air conditioning system and means your car is hygienically safe when you need a dash of hot or cold air.


  • Only takes 10 minutes to clean the air conditioning system
  • Very easy to use


  • It's a shame you can't use the one bottle repeatedly

What to consider with car dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers dry the air and help avoid moisture-related problems in the first place. Meanwhile, air fresheners mask a smell but some don't eliminate the cause. They're usually something that even a rechargeable torch can't reveal. So really, if your car is plagued with bad smells, you'll be better off finding the root of the problem. Once you've done that, a dehumidifier is a lovely way to keep the cabin of your car fresh. They're especially useful when going into the winter months when condensation and misty windows come out to play.

The best solution to permanently avoid smells permeating throughout a car is to keep the interior clean. It's also recommended to air it out on a nice day as well. However, the outside of your car can be impossible to keep clear, which is where the best de-icers come flying in.

But the issue can lie in the air conditioning system too. Mainly because car air-con can also be subject to mould and bacteria growth. An air conditioning evaporator takes moisture from the air and it normally drains what it collects through a hose. But that tube can suffer from a blockage. This can result in moisture pooling in the evaporator, causing mould or mildew problems inside the air-con system. STP's Air-Con Cleaner is the answer to that issue. Imagine the product as a million hard-working snow shovels clearing away all the bacteria. Generally speaking though, it's worth keeping in mind that such systems can get dirty too.

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