The best winter driving kits

Keep yourself safe and stay prepared with a proper winter driving kit.

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by Ryan Gilmore |

Hands up if you actually like driving in winter. Chances are, unless you're Tommi Mäkinen, the idea of driving when there's black ice out and the temperature drops isn't something you'd volunteer to do.

It's even worse if you breakdown; inflating a tyre at the side of the road is never a fun task. Imagine doing it on a winter's day where the cold makes everything sting and there's limited lighting. Nightmare. This is where a winter driving kit could be invaluable, as they offer items that will undoubtedly help make your life easier and safer during the winter months.

We've scoured the internet and found the best winter driving kits so you'll always be prepared, no matter what nature throws at you.

What you need to know about winter driving kits:

What kit do I need to tackle winter?

Obviously, what you'll need depends on what weather you typically get; someone from Tampa probably won't need a snow shovel. But there are essentials you should look to have whenever you're driving in the winter months.

You should aim to always have a torch in your car so that you have the gift of light when the sun sets before 5 pm. You should also look to have something warm in the car; this could be a warm jumper you throw in the boot or a foil blanket. Finally, a high-vis item of clothing will keep you safe if you do breakdown in the dark.

If you live somewhere with snow and ice, add in a snow shovel and something to clear your car's windows of snow and ice.

What kit do you already have?

If you own a car, you'll probably own at least a few of the items that are included in these kits, or equipment that can do the job. You shouldn't need multiples of these things. If you own a battery booster already, then jump leads may not be needed. Likewise, if you own a good quality ice scraper then you won't need another. Look for things that you don't already own, and then look for quality.


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