The best paste car wax for long-lasting protection

Sometimes the old ways are best, especially when they use modern technology.

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Paste wax has a reputation for being an antiquated way to keep a car protected in a world of advanced paint sealants and easy-to-apply spray waxes. The mention of paste wax probably produces images of your grandparents desperately trying to keep rust at bay on their Rover with a dented tin of Turtle Wax (applied with an oily rag more often than not).

The fact is that paste wax still has a place in this modern world. Nothing (other than a ceramic coating) comes close to the level of protection offered by a properly applied paste wax, and the deep glossy shine offered is unmatched. Paste waxes have also been fettled by science in recent years and now come with all the bells and whistles you'd ever want, including graphene and ceramic-infused options.

The best paste car wax

The best paste car wax

Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax 250ml

Rrp: £19.50

Price: £19.50


Bilt Hamber is an industry innovator when it comes to exceptional results at reasonable prices.

The best paste car wax for protection


Turtle Wax is trying to shake off the rather fusty reputation it has for middle-of-the-road

The best paste car wax for glossy paintwork

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax

Rrp: £68.99

Price: £48.99


A classic of car care,

The best paste car wax on a budget


Looking for something a little more affordable? EZ Car Care offers a load of excellent paste waxes

The best paste car wax for black cars

Soft99 Dark and Black Wax, 300 g

Rrp: £18.99

Price: £15.39


Black cars are notoriously hard to keep shiny and scratch-free which means there are specialised

Why would you choose paste wax?

Protection - Out of the different car wax types, paste wax will last the longest and offer the best, most conclusive protection. The application may be a tad laborious but all that buffing and curing will give a better shine and help ensure that the wax is probably applied. It's also arguably the most cost-effective in terms of wasted product too, a thin layer is all that's needed and it's easier to regulate wax usage when the product is solid.

Storage - Solids are denser than liquids so a paste wax doesn't require a large bottle to store it in like a liquid or spray wax does. The paste also makes spillages next to impossible, something you'll need to bear in mind with liquid and spray waxes.

Satisfaction - A personal point here, but there's something deeply satisfying about applying paste wax with an applicator and buffing it to perfection. It makes even the most basic car look as though it's received a Concours level of care.

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