The NOCO Boost X GBX45 is the perfect jump starter

The brick-sized solution to any dead battery woes.

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The NOCO GBX45 on a car's centre console

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Encountering a flat car battery is every car enthusiast's nightmare, which makes a portable battery booster like the NOCO GBX45 such an interesting prospect. A best-seller for the brand, the NOCO GBX45 promises to effectively jump start engines up 6.5-litres in size, covering almost every car short of the Dodge Viper.

Small, door-pocket-sized battery boosters have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the press of a button, they inject a powerful (but safe) blast of electricity into a dead battery to get the motor up and running. While the NOCO Boost X GBX45 represents the entry-level model in this remarkable range, it still assures a formidable performance.

NOCO's excellent PX Lithium Technology ensures that every square inch of the booster is as efficient as humanly possible. The question remains however, whether the NOCO Boost X GBX45 is the ultimate solution for any flat battery scenario. Could this be the perfect emergency battery booster for any car owner?

Verdict: Basically without flaw, if you want a battery coaxed into life look no further

Score: 5/5

The best jump starter


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  • Exceptional jumps-starting performance
  • Compact but durable design


  • Overkill for small car owners

What's good?

The first major win the NOCO scores is the number of cars it can work on. Even as the cheapest option in the GBX range, it'll effortlessly work on all but the biggest engines you'll come across in the UK. While the diesel rating is smaller at 4.0-litres, in an era of engine downsizing it's still impressive.

It also works exceptionally well at the job of jumpstarting. The perfect test for the NOCO was a totally flat Mazda MX-5, a car that wouldn't even turn over with a set of jumper cables attached and donor battery. The NOCO had the Mazda up and running in no time, a single press of the button and the car turned over without an issue.

Once the car was up and running the product could be placed back inside a drawstring bag and stored neatly. There's no need to sacrifice boot space, the NOCO is no bigger than a house brick and could easily live in a glovebox or generous cubbyhole. At only 600g it's exceptionally light too, a far cry from the world of old-school jump starters that required wheels to be ported around.

The tiny doesn't mean that it lacks in quality. The exterior plastics feel so tactile and robust, with almost Toyota Hilux levels of indestructibility. The NOCO has been (accidentally) dropped several times and bears no battle scars. Rubber corners also provide extra grip and shock absorption.

What's okay?

There's nothing that NOCO does by halves, it's an absolute beast of a jump starter. However expand the scope of a battery charger wider and you'll find the GBX45 doesn't recondition or trickle charge car batteries. You'll need to supplement this with something else for total battery care.

Any negatives?

The sole drawback that caught my attention with the NOCO was the notably short cables it came equipped with. The advantage of the compact length is evident in keeping everything neatly organised, but a bit more extension would be appreciated during the jump-start procedure. Although the clamps quickly reached both battery terminals, the charger frequently lacked a suitable resting spot during the jump-start process.

Other products to consider

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The bigger alternative to the GBX45, expect the same build and power but support for even larger engines. Bigger in size but perfect for big engines, it's the obvious choice for a Dodge Viper owner.


Even more efficiently packed than the NOCO, this jump start also includes a built-in tyre inflator. GOOLOO is a relative newcomer to the world of battery care, but its keenly-priced options are certainly worth considering.

Duracell SafeJump 1100A Li-Ion Jump StarterVia Duracell

Duracell make a ton of batteries, so car batteries are in its domain. This jump starter is excellent value for money but isn't anywhere near as powerful as the other options here.

How we tested the NOCO Boost X GBX45:

In the time we've had the NOCO GB45 on test, it's been used to jump-start five different cars, from diesel people carriers to sporty Audis. It's lived in my boot during all of this time, a true test of how long the internal battery would last during the winter months. The extra features were also tested for charging up a smartphone and as a torch at night.

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