Best driving gloves for track days

Grasp your next track day with both hands - don a pair of driving gloves.

Best driving gloves for track days

by Seth Walton |

Track days are about as much fun as you can have on four wheels within the confines of the law, but it’s no small secret they will put your car through its paces. Cooked brakes, shredded tyres and a violated clutch - telltale signs you’ve done the day right, but what about on the inside?

Inevitably, your hands will begin to sweat as they grip the wheel, and especially as your adrenaline rises - any fast-paced lateral load switch up or high revving moments and you can expect your palms to moisten a fair bit.

It’s a natural reaction but does have its consequences: sweat not only impedes your grip on the wheel, risking control over the vehicle, but over time the trim of your wheel - alcantara, plastic or otherwise - will begin to wear away as a result.

Take control of the situation by investing in a decent pair of driving gloves for your next track day experience. They won’t turn you into a prime Juha Kankkunen, but they will negate the adverse effects of adrenaline induced palm sweat. Here is a list of CAR’s top picks:

These lightweight driving gloves from Sparco are a trimmed down version of the classic racing glove, while still featuring the non-slip exterior for maximum steering wheel grip. The Velcro wrist strap will fasten them on to your hand for a snug fit, keeping your wrists exposed for heat management and breathability.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option to keep your hands breathing and your focus on the track, this might be the pair for you.

If you’re looking for an ultra-cheap option, then BXT offers a set of fingerless non-slip gloves made of cotton fabric and silicone padding for improved grip during heated driving moments. This set only comes in one size, but features a perforated palm for optimal breathability, while the exposed fingertips will allow you to adjust the radio as you hurl your track car round.

They might not keep you as closely in check as the more expensive racing gloves on this list, but for around £10, they’ll certainly do the job.

These fire-retardant gloves from OMP are the perfect accompaniment to any track-focussed steering wheel, offering race-worthy flame protection in compliance with FIA standard. These gloves feature an elastic wristband for improved stability and comfort, with adhesive material on the face of the hand for optimal purchase and grip.

They are available in three colours from extra-small to extra-large - the perfect no-nonsense accessory to any track day.

Up there with the blue and orange of Gulf or the black and gold of JPS, Martini’s racing colours are about as iconic as they get, signifying a rich history of success across several different categories. If you want to drive in the spirit of your favourite Martini racing heroes - Walter Rohl, Helmut Marko or the late great Vic Elford to name a few - Sparco has you covered with these Classic Martini race gloves.

Available in either red or deep blue base colour, they feature race-worthy material on both the palm and fingers for optimal grip, while designed to slip on up to the forearm for added protection and secure wear. However, the branding doesn’t come cheap, as these gloves start at around £150.

If it’s a cold day and you’re thrashing around the track in a car with no roof - or potentially no body work at all - you may want to consider some added protection against the elements. The waterproof construction of these gloves, complete with leather lining, will keep your hands from freezing off in cold conditions, allowing you to maintain your wheel grip and focus on the track.

They feature an anti-slip palm grip, as well as carbon fibre knuckle shell protection for any unforeseen debris or insects in the way. If comfort and protection are what you’re after, these are the gloves.

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