The best driving shoes for a more engaging drive

Heel and toe with ease wearing some snazzy driving shoes.

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It's an oddly fun game thinking up inappropriate footwear for driving. Getting past the usual offenders like flip flops, wedged heels and slippers, there are clogs (no flex), seaboots (just no) and perhaps the worst choice of all, the geta (combining a flip flop and a clog will never end well if you intend on driving).

And without wanting to sound all Highway Code the correct footwear is important when it comes to driving but the fact remains a pair of proper driving shoes will supposedly give you better pedal feel and control as you drive.

The best driving shoes

The best driving shoes
Sparco Slippers SL-17

Rrp: £90.00

Price: £90.00


These lightweight leather shoes are the perfect way to enjoy your car more. The thin rubber sole

The best value driving shoes
Chatham Women's Aria Driving Moccasins

Rrp: £99.00

Price: £64.52


Moccasins are the definitive driving shoe for many. The simple construction and thin rubber sole

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These leather driving shoes help keep your look classic and stylish but as a lower cost than most.

Suede driving shoes


These luxurious driving shoes from TOD's are fantastically luxurious and are ideal for driving

Why would you want driving shoes?

Truth be told, only the most seasoned and honed of drivers will be able to fully exploit the extra feeling offered by a good pair of driving shoes and shave those seconds off a lap time but if you're serious about your performance cars they do make sense.

The thin soles make gauging the pedals easier and it affords the driver more feedback. That being said, if you also want to walk around in them we recommend buying a pair with a pebbled rubber sole.

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