Add style and protection with the best leather car seat covers

Leather car seat covers serve a dual purpose. They need to look good and protect a car's seat fabric. CAR chooses the best.

Best leather car seat covers

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The hunt for leather car seat covers that will protect your car's seat fabric, look good, and fit well sometimes feels like searching for a Leprechaun. We understand how elusive they can be.

The last thing you want is to settle for some seat covers you think may do the job, but end up falling apart or hanging loosely from the seat like a child wearing an oversized wetsuit. The child will grow into the wetsuit one day, but your seat will never fit oversized covers.

In response to these legitimate concerns, we have compiled a shortlist of excellent leather car seat covers. Our picks are quite different in terms of style but all are very well made. We just advise that you double and triple check your car seat size against those of the seat covers. The number one reason for grumpy customers is ill-fitting covers. This is closely followed by poor quality, but our choices eliminate that issue.

It's worth pointing out that none of the products below are actual leather. One reason for this is because of traceability issues with leather products, and we don't wish to promote leather goods that involve animal cruelty. However, the other reason is that faux leather car seats are much easier to care for, which is better for you.

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The best leather car seat covers:

Best budget leather car seat covers

Made in the UK, these leather-style seat covers have an elasticated universal fit that is suitable for most cars. There are five colour options to choose from, all of which are airbag-friendly. The quilted pattern certainly lends a classy look to a car's interior, but they are practical, too, thanks to their waterproof, grease, and dirt-repellent properties.

Best premium leather seat cover set

These do an exceptional job of breathing some style into a car's interior. They are available with white, blue, or red piping if you wish. Made from PU leather, these covers are very protective in resisting liquids and stains. You get a full set, including two front seat covers and a cover for three rear seats. Suitable for five-seat cars only.

Best leather seat covers for vans

UK Custom Covers make fully tailored car seat covers, specific to certain models. These particular covers are made for the Ford Transit Custom from 2013 onwards. They look superb and genuinely like leather. But they perform as well as they look: waterproof and allowing access to all storage bins.

For something a bit out there

Don't worry, these aren't all show and no go. They certainly look outrageous and are available in other bright colours, but rest assured, these PU leather seat covers are as protective as they are eye-catching. They are waterproof, stain-resistant, and have foam padding for comfort.

Best suede seat covers

Unlike the others here, these are not full wraparound covers. Instead, they fit simply over the face of the seat and are held in place with hooks, clips, and non-slip backing. It makes them very easy to fit, but thanks to the very convincing synthetic material, look very sharp, too. While they themselves are not quite as stain-resistant as the others, these covers still serve the primary purpose of protecting the actual seat fabric.

Best sheepskin seat covers

Granted, these are not leather covers or even real sheepskin for that matter. But they are soft and fluffy, which is what people demand from sheepskin seat covers. These synthetic sheepskin covers are easily washable and available in a range of patterns and colours. They are of a great standard and made in the UK.

How to clean leather car seat covers

Because these are all synthetic material, the task of cleaning is made very easy. With the faux sheepskin covers, you can simply put them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. For the others, wiping with a damp cloth to remove loose dirt will do the trick. For stains, a quality interior upholstery cleaner will help you out. Check out our article on the best upholstery cleaners that actually work.

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