Best driving gloves

Getting a grip - here are our picks of the best driving gloves

Best driving gloves

by Seth Walton |

You could be forgiven for thinking driving gloves on the road today are a bit of a redundant affectation; a style reserved for fantasists of the Persuaders or Le Cruiser Arriviste. Back in the day they were commonplace, a necessity by virtue of some dodgy-to-non-existent heating systems or slippery steering wheels when things got intense.

It’s true, the quality and comfort of modern cars do render the driving glove a bit obsolete, but still their benefits persist, and the classic car market is a huge business. What better way to accessorise your Frogeye Sprite or DB5 Cabriolet than a set of tan stringbacks or full leathers? They’re stylish, effective and you can never really have too much purchase on the wheel.

Why have a set of driving gloves to hand?

Better control

Whether your car be old or new, control on the road is paramount; if you’re in control, then you’re in a safe space. On long journeys with extensive time gripping the steering wheel, hands can suffer from fatigue or sweat, causing them to slip and potentially lose control.

Driving gloves are designed to provide extra purchase on the wheel -particularly those built from wood with a lacquered finish - to alleviate some of the fatigue, while negating the risk of your hands slipping at speed. It’s a simple design, but it works.

Keep your hands warm

Temperatures inside a car can vary. Modern heaters are a lot more efficient, while the seals of modern cars effectively retain the heat to create a comfortable space with little energy used.

However, depending on the size and age of your vehicle, it may still take a while to warm up, or if you’re cruising with the top down on anything other than the hottest day of the year in the UK, then it may never warm up at all. This is when gloves can be truly useful. They’ll keep your hands warm, fingers working, and your mind focussed on the road

They look good…

It’s difficult to put into words, but there is an ineffable chicness to driving gloves. Complete with the appropriate car and outfit – less Partridge, more Gosling – they make for a fashionable driving accessory.

Moreover, if you’re inclined to the world of historic racing events, they’ll consummately complete your debonair period ‘fit. The decision of which to get, however, comes down to you. Here are CAR’s picks of the best driving gloves:

If you’re after a set of clean, smart period leather driving gloves, prime leather has you covered. Unlined with knuckle holes and perforated fingers for breathability, these gloves are made of genuine cow nappa leather, featuring a stylish button strap fastening design. We particularly like the broad range of striking colours available for these gloves, from Gatsby yellow to strip club red and 13 other options.

Sometimes you may need to operate a touch screen between driving stints, whether on your dashboard or on your phone. If you’re inclined to the classic leather style but keen to retain the use of your fingertips, this set Riparo Motorsports fingerless gloves would make a great choice. Designed with breathable perforated leather, knuckle holes and a snap fasten, these driving gloves will keep your hands in healthy condition on the road, while still providing a solid grip on the wheel.

If you’re looking for a more practical set over aesthetic appeal, the Trendoux thermals are contemporary gloves for driving application. Sleek and smart in design, they feature an anti-slip silicone palm and fingertips with touchscreen capabilities. The material is of a composite construction, including speciality acrylic, nylon and polyester for a warm and soft finish.

We particularly like the streamlined design, so as not to be too thick – perfect for intermittently operating buttons switches in the car. This glove is available in either black or grey and can be purchased in four sizes.

For full retro charm, these classic crochet string back gloves are perfect. Consummately styled, they’re a time machine back to a period of automotive elegance – ideal for any classic car driver or historic event. At £20.53, and available in four sizes and 25 colour combinations, these gloves represent a bargain. They are hook and loop fastened for a snug fit on the road.

If you’re driving in a car that doesn’t have a windscreen, you might want a set of gloves robust enough to defend you from the elements. These Sunailoom gloves are made from Kevlar material, with ergonomic knuckle cushions to absorb impact while on the road.

These Sunailoom gloves are water and cut proof but versatile enough not to restrict natural finger movement, enabling touchscreen operation with sensitive fingertips. Available in Khaki, Army Green or Black, they’d make a great choice for any exposed driving hands.

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