The best sim racing gloves

Get to grips with your racing sim using the best racing sim gloves. More than just a style choice, these will help you keep traction when you need it most. Read on for our top sim racing glove choices.

the best sim racing gloves

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If you think taking a jolly around the Nürburgring in a BMW Isetta packing the 6.3L V12 from an FXX-K sounds hysterically entertaining, you’re right. Trust us, we’ve done it.

There are plenty of racing titles out there ready to sate your most profane and dastardly automotive fantasies – you’ll find no judgment here – but if it’s the world of hardcore sim racing that captures your imagination, we find it best enjoyed when taken a little more seriously. After all, as the name would suggest, sim racing is all about simulating the experience of being in a proper race car, and for the highest quality immersion value, the right kit is essential.

After you’ve gotten to grips with your sim racing game and driving rig– the fundamentals of any sim racing set-up – you may want to consider investing in some racing kit to enhance your experience, starting with a decent set of gloves.

Will racing gloves improve my sim racing?

Yes. Driving gloves for the sim rig may seem like a bit of an affectation but in truth their benefits exist for sim racers just as they do for those in the seats of real racing cars.

When the racing gets dicey, say, a head-to-head into Eau Rouge, you’ll no doubt experience some palm perspiration – an indication that you’re really in the game. Donning a set of driving gloves will ensure constant purchase on the wheel, improving grip and tactility on the paddle shifters to keep your wits sharp and your reactions fast.

Along with the physical benefits, wearing gloves can also benefit the immersion value of sim racing, taking you closer to the experience of being a real racing driver. This is, after all, what sim racing is all about.

Need some gloves to wear around the garage? Check out our favourites here.

Things to consider

Real racing gloves - While it might be tempting to go all out on the same fire-resistant, FIA-approved gloves worn by your racing heroes, we recommend staying clear. Real FIA-approved racing gloves are manufactured using expensive materials that serve no purpose in the comfort of your own home. These gloves may also cause your hands to overheat if they’re designed for open-wheel racing and used without adequate airflow.

Touch screens – Some glove types such as cycling gloves are designed to be compatible with touch screens. While this capability may not benefit every sim rig, the ability to operate tablets and other devices without having to remove your gloves could aid in live streaming and the efficiency of your broadcast. You might just want to get your phone out every now and then to check Instagram – something to keep in mind.

If you like the idea of adding a set of gloves to your sim racing kit, check out our picks of the best below.

Editor's Choice

If you fancy jumping straight in at the deep end with a set of high-performance, purpose-built sim racing gloves, this set from Sparco would make a good place to start. Sparco is one of several brands on this list with a rich history of real-world racing success, having developed its current crop of products over many years of trial and error in the crucible of motorsport.

This set is manufactured using perforated material that stretches over the palm for a ventilated yet comfortable fit. These gloves also feature foam reinforcement points to target hand fatigue in specific areas, meaning you can keep racing for longer. Secure them using the Velcro strap and you’re good to go.


  • High quality from experienced manufacturer
  • Purpose built for sim racing


  • Expensive

Top Pick

Like the previous Sparco set, these gloves from Sim Hound are purpose-built for sim racing. Constructed from a lightweight, breathable fabric, these gloves will keep your hands cool and energised throughout long stints of racing, while the microfibre suede palms provide a tactile grip and feedback for an engaging drive.  

Sim Hound gloves are available in several different colour ways, including this rainbow scheme edition. In support of the LGBTQ+ motorsport organisation Racing Pride, for every set of Rainbow gloves purchased Sim Hound will donate £10 to the cause.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Purpose-built


  • Not the most expensive but cheaper options

Best Value

Sparco Meca Gloves
Price: $43.78

These Sparco gloves are designed for mechanics, but don’t be fooled – by virtue of their sporty style, comfortable feel and great breathability, they'd make for a stellar set of sim racing gloves at a reasonable price. We especially like these gloves for their scratch-resistant synthetic leather palm areas, as the material will mould to the contours of your palms when in use, improving sensitivity through the hand – great for force-feedback sim rigs.


  • Great value
  • Quality materials for an authentic feel through the steering wheel


  • Touchscreen compatibility unknown

Great Buy

If you’re after a lightweight solution that won’t bust the bank, check out these cycling gloves from Ozero. With their grippy silica gel palm dots, breathability and snug fit, these gloves could be purpose-built for sim racing at a fraction of the usual price. We especially like these gloves for their great touchscreen compatibility, so you can game all day without the need to take them off.

If it’s an authentic racing look you’re after, these gloves fall short. However, for under £16, they're a bargain.


  • Great value


  • Lacking in racing aesthetic

Best Style

Omp Ks-3 Gloves
Price: $74.00

Like cycling and mechanic’s gloves, these karting gloves also have the potential to make for some excellent sim racing accessories by virtue of their grippy silicone palm pads. Unlike real racing mittens, karting gloves do not require FIA approval, so they’re much cheaper than the former while still retaining all the full-wrist racing glove aesthetic.

With their strikingly aggressive design and build quality, these gloves from OMP would make a great upgrade set. Plus, if you ever fancy taking your racing to the real world, you’ve already got the handwear for the job.


  • Real racing glove without the price tag


  • Potentially overkill

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