The best blind spot mirrors

Plug that significant blind spot with a blind spot mirror. These little add-ons make driving on busy motorways a lot easier.

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Many high-speed motorway crashes, squashed cyclists, and other such terrible incidents can be attributed to blind spots. Relatively new cars come with blind spot indicators and that is certainly one of the best additions to cars. But a very large fraction of cars on the road are still without blind spot aids.

The humble blind spot mirror solves this problem. For just a few pounds your blind spot can be covered by a little adhesive mirror attached to the door mirror.

What causes a blind spot

The car's pillars behind the driver (B, C, and D pillars), do a lot for safety but also obscure some of the driver's view of traffic behind them.

Door mirrors often have a convexity to them in order to give the driver a wider field of view. But the trade-off is that the convex shape distorts the reflected traffic, resulting in objects appearing closer than they are, hence the warning.

Car door mirror
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Do blind spot mirrors really work?

How well blind spot mirrors work comes down to installation and placement. It's absolutely vital the mirrors are installed so that they show the driver the blind spots.

Blind spot mirrors stick to the door mirror with adhesive and are adjustable so you're able to position the angle of the mirror exactly as you need it.

It's important to remember that, once installed, door mirrors and blind spot mirrors should be cleaned by with glass cleaner. Blasting them with a pressure washer or hose will cause the adhesive to lose stick.

The best blind spot mirrors

Editor's pick
Rectangular Blind Spot Mirror (2-Pack)
Price: $7.99

The rectangular shape gives you a greater field of view than a small round blind spot mirror. In addition, the quality of the glass used with these mirrors is excellent and will stay clear with frequent cleaning. The mounting bracket also allows for full adjustment.

Size: 9.4 x 3.5cm


• Good field of view

• High quality glass


There are even cheaper options

Best value
Simply BS001 Adjustable Circular Blind Spot Car Mirror (2-Pack)
Price: $15.97

Simply BS001 could be the name of a freshman philosophy module on debunking pseudoscience. But also, it turns out, the name of an affordable pair of blind spot mirrors. These are smaller than the rectangular mirrors above but are still adjustable and attached via adhesive pad.

Size: 5 x 5cm


• Excellent value

• Suitable for small door mirrors


• Larger models give better field of view

From a name you know

The blind spot mirrors above are excellent but often people like the reassurance of a familiar name. German brand Heyner is well-known name for producing a range of aftermarket automotive gear fromtyre inflators to windscreen wipers. Its little blind spot mirror is very good too.

Size: 5.4 x 3.5cm


• From an established brand

• Excellent quality


• Comes in a pack of one


Streetwize Blind Spot Detection System

If you want more high-tech

Ultimately, we recommend mirrors but if you want something a bit more high-tech there are aftermarket blind spot sensors available. The Streetwize system is simple for the DIYer to install and still effective. The sensors use sonar to detect objects and then warns if something is within close proximity. The warning is audible and visual.


• Simple and reliable

• Affordable


• Mirrors are still the better option

Checking the blind spot

While mirrors and sensors indicate hazards to you, you're still responsible for acting on that information. Also remember that blind spot checking needs to be done beyond lane changing. Check blind spots before pulling out a parking space and when around particularly vulnerable road users.

Animated image of a yellow car with blind spots

Here's a scenario checklist for when to check blind spots:

• Before changing lane
Before merging
Before turning if anything could come alongside your turning path
Before pulling out from a kerb
Before you park or leave a park
Before and during reversing

Minimising blind spots

The field of coverage door mirrors already have is pretty good. Therefore, if you adjust your mirrors just so, a car isn't going to be able to hide in it completely. By which we mean, you'll be able to see the nose of the car in your door mirror before its bumper disappears out of sight in the rear-view mirror.

However, you still absolutely need to check your blind spot carefully because smaller vehicles can still hide there

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