The best campervan accessories

From space-saving equipment to cleaning products, here are our favourite campervan accessories.

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Planning on getting into the campervan lifestyle? You've read our guide to the best campervans you can buy and you know the essentials you'll need for a camping trip, but what about those added extras that'll make the holiday that bit more pleasant?

We've tested several products perfect for use in a campervan so your experience is even better. Space is a real premium in a campervan (especially with the types you get in the UK) so we've made sure that everything is compact, designed to be portable and genuinely useful. Read on for every accessory you could need for a campervan.

The best campervan accessories

Perfect multitool

Nothing embodies the idea of space-saving functionality like the Swiss Army Knife and we can think of nothing more suited to keeping in a campervan. This Fieldmaster model has 15 functions ranging from a simple bottle opener right down to a small wood saw. It's pocket-sized so it'll take up next to no room and they're excellent quality. We tested a smaller version of this knife as a campervanners tool and found it to be excellent.

Space saving washing up bowl

Collapsible accessories like this are a clever way to maximise your space. This washing up bowl collapses down when not in use and is a great extra to have.

Tested 2021: "This washing up bowl is very sturdy and well made, the silicone sides are clever and it takes up next to no room when folded flat. It's also really easy to clean out and has taken over as my premier washing up bowl - high praise indeed."

Shatter-proof serving

Although steps can be taken to avoid smashing crockery on a camping trip, accidents will happen. Avoid this shattering (and don't sacrifice style) with this bamboo cup, jug and tray set from Cambridge. They're tough, reusable and lightweight too. They also look fabulous.

Tested 2021: "I'm very impressed by this set. The bamboo is both lightweight and very tough making it a great addition to any camping trip. The set is easy to clean and looks great too."

Campervan stool

A small step will make getting in and out of your van easier. This one folds up when not in use so it won't eat up space in the campervan.


Compact barbequing

What's a better way to enjoy the weather on holiday than with a barbeque? This exceptionally portable barbeque set from Cobb (it comes with a carry bag) can be used to roast, bake, fry, grill and even smoke food. This particular model is designed for feeding up to four people but smaller examples are available.

Clever folding camping table

The traditional camping table may be acceptable for most but it can take up quite a bit of room when folded. This picnic table from Nestling folds up a little smarter for a very space-efficient product. Made from aluminium and featuring extendable legs, it's the ideal table for any campervanning adventure.

Enjoy a picnic

A simple picnic blanket is a nice little extra for any campervan holiday. This example from Amazon Basics has a waterproof backing and takes up next to no space when folded away.


Compact coffee maker

Instant coffee doesn't have the same taste and a proper coffee machine is about the size of a small dog, what you need is a small and portable coffee machine. This 12V espresso machine from Handpresso can make a proper espresso (at 19 bar) with a coffee pad in a couple of minutes and takes up next to no space (it's roughly the same size as a flask).

Portable cooling fan

Being pushed for space doesn't mean you have to sacrifice some extra cooling. The fan can be used as a normal desk fan or extended to be a tower fan thanks to a telescopic construction. It's battery-powered and recharged via USB too which makes it a great portable option. There are four fan settings and it even features a ring light.

Tested 2021: "This is an excellent fan and the compact size makes it ideal for carrying around. It folds away and is no bigger than a cake meaning it doesn't eat up any valuable space. The battery life is excellent, as is the fact it features a small ring light. The only issue I could find was that it doesn't oscillate."

Portable lighting
LE Camping Lantern

Rrp: $33.98

Price: $19.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$23.98View offer

Some extra lighting can make an evening relaxing in nature a little more comfortable so a camping lantern like this is a clever option. This lantern offers a selection of different lighting option (daylight, warm white, flashing and dimmed) and is IPX4 water-resistant. It's not rechargeable but does offer a long run time from the three D batteries it needs to work.


On-the-go clothes washing
Scrubba Wash Bag 2.0
Price: $55.00

Instead of having to find a laundromat or scrubbing your delicates on a washboard like a Victorian, the Scrubba Wash Bag 2.0 will allow you to do a clothes wash really quickly. It works like a modern washboard and will wash clothes in as little as 30 seconds. It also only weighs 145 g empty and can be reused. It also doubles as a drying bag.

Portable showering
Colapz Rechargeable Camping Shower
Price: $49.99

Unless you have a very large campervan (probably a motorhome) a shower will be an unobtainable luxury for most people. Here a small portable shower like this example can make a real difference. Even if you only use it to clean a pet or spray the mud off a bike or pair of wellies, this small 12V shower will come in useful for something. Just remember you'll need some water to submerge the pump in.

Folding bucket

The perfect addition to a portable shower, this silicone bucket can hold 10 litres of water with ease and then fold nearly flat when not in use.

All-in-one cleaner

Don't forget that your campervan could do with a freshen up now and again. This caravan and motorhome cleaner from Autoglym is specially formulated to be used on both the exterior and interior of a campervan. It's great for removing algae and streaks from the exterior and can be used to clean pretty much any surface on the inside (including carpets and hobs).


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