The best heated car seat covers

When cold weather rears its head, heated seat covers are a blessed relief.

Land Rover Defender in need of heated seat covers

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While heated seats may have been considered unacceptable decadence behind the ominous Iron Curtain, today they can be had in almost any car you wish. But that doesn’t mean heated seats always come as standard.

Indeed, Skoda’s optional Winter Pack for the Fabia, which gives you heated seats and heated washer nozzles, is £265. Meanwhile, Ford’s optional Comfort Pack for the Puma gives you heated seats and steering wheel but will set you back £300. These are high prices for warm buttocks.

What we’ve done in this article is create a shortlist of reliable heated car seat covers that do the job of warming you without breaking the bank. Though admittedly not quite as fast as flicking a switch on the dashboard, these removeable heated seat covers can be popped on at a moment’s notice, even in July when Britain’s weather sometimes forgets what season it is.

The best heated car seat covers


A pair of functional polyester heated seat covers. Each cover can be controlled individually, you

The only niggles are that despite the non-slip backing, the covers can move around a bit and you need to come up with a solution for hiding the power cable, otherwise, it’s draped in a messy fashion over the centre console.


Streetwize is a well-established brand in Britainu2019s world of car accessories. Its heated car

Drawbacks? Though it will be fine for most, the power cable is not terribly long.

Comfier Back Massager with Heat

Rrp: £69.99

Price: £59.99


Want to add some massaging into the mix? This heated massage seat cover is good for use in the car

The only problem with this arrangement is that you can spend an awfully long time playing around with the settings, which may result in lateness to meetings.


Many people will sympathise with the issue lumbar support when it comes to many car seats. Lower

Though the cushion is designed to sit flush against car seats, it doesn’t always, depending on the seat.

Electricity-free heated car seat covers
Carseatcover-UK Luxury Faux Fur Furry Seat Covers
Price: £54.99


Granted, the sub-heading is a little misleading but there is no denying the effectiveness of

While these are indeed very warm seat covers, being synthetic they aren’t overly breathable.

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