CAR: The best screwdriver sets

The starting point for every DIYer or home mechanic is a screwdriver set.

best screwdriver sets for car DIY

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A screwdriver set is as essential in a garage as a garage door. To not have a screwdriver set is to not have a bed in a bedroom, a cooker in a kitchen, a sofa in the living room, a bog in the throne room.

A screwdriver set comes in rather handy for small jobs on the car, even if it’s as basic a job as tightening up the screws holding up the number plate.

There are many screw types that demand the use of several different screwdrivers. There are different types of screwdrivers too. The standard metal prong with a handle you’ll be familiar with, but there are electric screwdrivers these days too.

Electric screwdrivers are not very big and can’t match the power of an electric drill or your own wrist, but when you are presented with many screws to undo or tighten, they are a relief from RSI.

You don’t need go crazy and spend hundreds of pounds on a mechanic’s trade set. Just a basic set with the common sizes and head types will do. You can always add pieces later if you require them.

CAR's recommended screwdriver sets:

Rolson 9-Piece Screwdriver Set
Price: £16.99


Containing the basics to get you going, this nine-piece set from Rolson comprises five flat-head

Best value for money
Stanley 34-Piece Screwdriver Set

Rrp: £18.10

Price: £18.10
Alternative retailers
Argos£23.00View offer


This 34-piece set of Stanley screwdrivers is also Amazonu2019s Choice and for good reason; Stanley

Stanley 6-Way Screwdriver

Rrp: £6.32

Price: £5.76
Alternative retailers
Homebase£9.00View offer


If youu2019ve lost the toolkit that came with your car and youu2019re looking for something useful

Neilsen Go-Through Screwdriver Set
Price: £21.79


If you need a bit more force with your screwdrivers, then this go-through kit from Neilsen can

Rothenburger Long-Reach Screwdrivers
Price: £13.43


In most kits of screwdrivers, you usually get a stubby screwdriver; one with a short handle and

Silverline S Drivers
Price: £2.95


You might only ever need these offset screwdrivers once or twice but when you do need them, they

Amazon Basics 73-Piece Magnetic Ratchet Wrench and Screwdriver Set

Rrp: £15.99

Price: £13.99


A set of drive bits and a single handle is a really useful addition to any toolbox and this


For relative versatility, the fifth-generation IXO tool is brilliant. In the small case, you get

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