The best wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Tackle the jobs you never thought you could with these excellent wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner being used on a car seat.

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Clearing spilt liquids is a very difficult job, especially if it's in large quantities. A mop won't really make a dent and a regular vacuum will self-implode. For serious work, you need to be looking at a heavy-duty wet and dry vacuum cleaner that can safely pick up liquid.

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is designed for sucking up liquids and solids and is the perfect tool for cleaning your garage or car. Here are our top picks, perfect for a range of tasks and prices.

The best wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for a car

Henry Charles Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Price: $540.99

Henry's barrel-chested, hench brother Charles is the perfect wet and dry vacuum for your garage. The giant 26.8-metre operating radius is deeply impressive, as is Henry's reputation for near-indestructibility which makes this our top choice for a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. We also like how compact it is, the self-sealing bags for easy cleaning and the fact it can even be used to clear blocked sinks too.

Best wet and dry vacuum on a budget

The perfect entry-level option for wet and dry vacuuming, the WD2 is a small et capable option with some clever features. All the attachments are stored in the vacuum and a clever cartridge filter means you can switch between wet and dry cleaning instantly. It offers a decent 12-litres of storage and a powerful 1000w motor for great cleaning without breaking the bank.

Best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for handheld use

Kärcher WD 1 Battery Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Rrp: $21.99

Price: $19.99

Alternative retailers
Petco$20.99View offer
Lowe's$30.82View offer
Walmart$31.16View offer
Dermstore$85.00View offer

A portable wet and dry vacuum cleaner makes a lot of sense for smaller tasks and we're particularly fond of the Kärcher WD 1. It makes use of a single filter for both wet and dry suction and offers an impressive 7-litre bin. Kärcher claims that the WD 1 is perfect for car cleaning and we're inclined to agree, nothing is as portable as this option and the included car cleaning accessories are very welcomed. It's a pity the battery only lasts for 10 minutes before needing to be recharged.

Best wet and dry vacuum cleaner for your home

Representing good value for money, the Draper 13785 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner is our top pick for cleaning your home. The generous 20-litre storage bin is ideal for even the biggest of homes while the accessories included make it the perfect choice for regular vacuuming duties. The fact it's suitable for wet vacuuming makes it even better.

Best wet and dry vacuum cleaner with blowing function

Combining the wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a leaf blower is a very clever idea and we really like this model from Bosch. It features several accessories for cleaning a variety of surfaces and uses a filter cartridge for seamless transitioning from wet to dry vacuuming. We also like it because it has a reverse flow button like a cartoon vacuum cleaner.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner FAQ:

How does a wet and dry vacuum cleaner work?

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner works as a regular vacuum cleaner does (i.e. it sucks things up and deposits the liquid and debris into the storage), but features isolated electronics. The majority of modern wet and dry vacuum cleaners use a clever cartridge filter so that liquids and solids can be vacuumed without the need to change the filters.

Can I use a wet and dry vacuum on my car?

You can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner as a normal vacuum cleaner on your car, using it for your carpets and upholstery. If your car has a wet interior then the wet and dry vacuum becomes even more useful in removing excess liquid from the interior.

Can I use a regular vacuum cleaner on liquid spills?

You can try but it'll be the last time your vacuum cleaner will ever work. The majority of conventional vacuum cleaners lack the internal waterproofing and proper filters of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner which means you'll more than likely ruin your vacuum cleaner.

What about carpet cleaners?

Carpet cleaners and wet and dry vacuum cleaners may both be used to suck up liquid but they both perform very different duties. A carpet cleaner allows you to spray carpet shampoo and is designed for lighter use whereas a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is designed for more industrial applications (e.g. cleaning a garage).

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