Disklok Diamond Edition steering wheel lock unveiled

Made from military-grade materials and resistant to angle grinder attacks

disklok diamond edition

by Aaron Hussain |
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Disklok has unveiled the Diamond Edition Steering Wheel Lock, which is said to resist angle grinder attacks for up to five minutes.

The steering wheel lock has been given the Sold Secure Diamond rating - and the Disklok Diamond Edition is currently the only wheel lock to have received the accreditation. Sold Secure is an independent tester of security products that rates anything from padlocks to building security systems. The Diamond rating is the top score that security products can achieve, above subsequent Gold, Silver, and Bronze accreditations.

It's made from solid steel with a material called Diamonite embedded within. Diamonite is a structural ceramic made from aluminium oxide and is usually found within armour systems in military vehicles. That, plus the fully-wrapped construction of the steering wheel lock makes it the hardest one to break in Disklok's line-up.

So much so, that during testing, it survived five minutes of varying attacks. From power tool attacks, axe sawing, crowbars, drilling, and even lock picking. The Diamond Edition even resisted a battery-powered angle grinder.

The Disklok Diamond Edition comes in the same design as the existing Gold Edition, which should mean three different sizes ranging from small, medium or large. A much simpler sizing system than most wheel clamps. It will be in a new shade of Anthracite Grey and a fabric steering wheel cover and carry bag will be available as optional extras.

It's designed to fit most vehicle wheels from small cars to large vans. The large lock is also said to fit lots of classic cars with larger wheels. It's also designed with things like airbags, steering wheel buttons, and paddle shifters in mind. So, it'll fit around the thick, tech-laden rim of a vulnerable Range Rover with ease. As with existing Disklok steering wheel locks, the design has been officially recommended by the Police by being given the 'Secured by Design' accreditation from the UK police initiative.

It will be available to pre-order in Spring 2024 and will come with a 3-year guarantee upon purchase. Disklok also say that depending on your insurance provider, your premium might be reduced. You'll just need to inform them that a Disklok device is being used. It's not just steering wheel locks either, Disklok also manufacture faraday key pouches for an added layer of protection.

Aaron Hussain is a commercial content writer at Bauer Media writing for Parkers and CAR. He is obsessed with classic cars and anything with a fascinating story to tell.

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