How to keep your Ford Fiesta from being stolen

The Fiesta is the UK's most stolen car. Find out how you can keep yours protected from thieves.

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The Ford Fiesta has been one of the most popular cars in the UK for years, not only with motorists but with car thieves too, and with it sitting at the top of the car theft charts, it's never too late to reassess your car security and take some simple steps to stop your Ford Fiesta from being stolen.

Car security has become much more technologically advanced. Many years ago, you could steal a car using a brick, a coat hanger and a screwdriver; today, with improved garage security and sophisticated car alarms, immobilisers, keyless entry and tracking devices, it's not quite such a rudimentary task, but it's far from impossible. Thieves have become as tech-savvy as manufacturers and now invest in such tools as laptops, tablets and cloning devices. Since 2008, Ford Fiestas have had keyless entry, which is open to what is known as a relay attack. Most people leave their car keys near the front door. The key will still be transmitting its signal, so the thief can intercept it and relay the transmitted signal to open and steal your car. In 2019, Ford launched an aftermarket key fob upgrade that makes its keyless entry models far less vulnerable to theft via relay attack.

The Fiesta's position at number one in the latest list has a huge correlation to the fact that for many years, it has been the UK's best-selling car, meaning there are millions of them on UK roads, and there will continue to be for many years to come.

Keep your Ford Fiesta from being stolen at a glance:

Editor's choice: Ironstripe Faraday Box - Buy now from Amazon UK
Best Steering wheel cover: Disklok Car Steering Wheel Full Cover - Buy now from Amazon UK
Best OBD Protector: Bi Automotive OBD Protector - Buy now from Amazon UK

We are still being told that people continue to ignore security advice, such as always ensuring your car is locked and not leaving valuables in plain sight. Sometimes, it's just sheer forgetfulness, but we have a number of ways you can make life more difficult for the thief, from preventing them from performing a relay attack to a good old-fashioned steering wheel lock; we have all the details here to keep your Ford Fiesta from being stolen.

Keep your Ford Fiesta from being stolen

Editor's choice

FAraday BoxVia Amazon

One of the most common ways of stealing a Ford Fiesta is using a repeater box to copy signals from your electronic key fob and gain access to the car. A Faraday box effectively blocks these signal attacks and prevents the thief from gaining access to your car.

The Ironstripe Faraday box is a smooth, good-looking box that won’t look out of place on the hallway table, the kitchen counter, or the bedroom drawers. It’s a decent size, so it will hold multiple key fobs along with your smartphone and credit cards.

The interior is fitted with a double layer of shielding material, and it comes with a handy Faraday pouch for use when you are away from home. It’s also available in a smaller size for just a couple of key fobs.


  • Larger size for multiple fobs
  • Comes with pouch


  • The catch can be tough

The best steering wheel lock

Disklok CoverVia Disklok

It can't be said often enough, but the majority of thieves are looking for easy pickings and seeing a full steering wheel cover like this is likely to dissuade all but the most determined.

It features a bright colour and tough materials, and it completely prevents any kind of steering control. It's incredibly difficult to remove, even with industrial cutting equipment, and the locking barrel itself has been built to be drill and pick-proof.

The Disklok has been awarded the 'Secured by Design' accreditation by the official UK police initiative and the 'Sold Secure' Automotive Gold Rating certification. It comes in three sizes to suit different kinds of vehicles.


  • Highly visible
  • Tough, difficult to defeat materials


  • Difficult to store

The best visual deterrent

Stoplock ProVia Stoplock

Rrp: $95.57

Price: $86.01

Back in the '70s, '80s and '90s, steering wheel locks were an incredibly popular method of securing vehicles. As technology moved on and vehicles became more secure, these fell out of favour. But the wheel has almost turned full circle as thieves are managing to find ways to defeat the Fiesta's high-tech security systems.

This Stoplock wheel lock works largely as a visual deterrent but also makes use of hardened internals and an anti-drill lock to stop any removal attempt and slow down any potential theft. And remember, you can't hack a Stoplock with a laptop.


  • Visual deterrent
  • Easy to fit


  • Clumsy to store

The best OBD Port Protector

Bi Automotive OBDVia Bi Automotive

Once inside your car, thieves can get it going by using the OBD port. The Onboard Diagnostics port is used by technicians to plug in their tablets to diagnose faults. It'll come as no surprise to learn that car thieves have found a way to use this port to overcome the immobiliser and nick your Fiesta.

This OBD protector fits securely over the OBD port, preventing access to it. The solid metal cap is plugged into the OBD socket and secured with two security screws, which can be easily removed using the security tool when you need access to the port.


  • Quick and easy
  • Non-intrusive


  • Remember not to lose the security removal tool

The best dummy OBD port

Fiesta OBD portVia

This method to protect your OBD port is slightly more complicated to install but has the same outcome: it prevents the thief from overriding the immobiliser and stealing your car. Basically, you are removing the original OBD port from its handbook-recognised location and replacing it with a dummy port while you relocate the live OBD port to another secret location behind the dash.

The dummy port will act like a live OBD socket but will not transfer any data to the thief, giving the impression that the data has been blocked. At this stage, it's unlikely the thief will waste valuable time trying to find the live port.


  • No information transferred
  • Only you will know where the live OBD connector is


  • Requires a bit of work to install

The best tracking system

Rewire Tracker KitVia Rewire

Should the worst happen and your Fiesta does get stolen, this bit of kit should play a major part in the recovery process. Rewire Security offers an S7 GPS unit that is professionally installed and, in addition to the 24/7 monitoring and GPSLive app, also includes a tow alert that is sent out if the vehicle is being moved while the ignition is off.

The great thing about Thatcham systems is that they're insurance-approved. And if you're lucky, you could get up to 20% off your next renewal once you have either the S7 or S5 series fitted.


  • Price includes professional fitting
  • UK insurance approved


  • Subscription required

The best magnetic tracker

Rewire 104 ProVia Rewire

An even simpler way to install a tracker in your Fiesta is to get a magnetic one. The 104 PRO sticks to any metal surface, so you can hide it anywhere from the cabin to the boot area.

The battery can last up to 90 days on a single charge, and the unit is easily trackable via the GPSLive app. There's no subscription, but to get all the perks, there is a pay-as-you-go fee, which works out at around £40 for six months.


  • Easy to install
  • App is easy to use


  • Pay-as-you-go fee required

CAR's top tips for keeping your Ford Fiesta from being stolen:

Dissuading a thief from stealing your Fiesta involves making it as challenging as possible for them to succeed. These bits of advice might sound like the same old tips over and over again, but their validity in helping prevent theft remains.

Security Signage:
Place signs or stickers showing that your car is equipped with a security system. This can act as a deterrent by making potential thieves aware that your car is not going to be an easy target.

Well-Lit Parking:
Park your Fiesta in well-lit, busy areas. Thieves are less likely to attempt theft in areas with good visibility, as they prefer darkness and seclusion. It's a good idea to invest in some security lighting if your driveway is a bit dark.

Garage Parking:
If possible, park in a locked garage. This adds an additional layer of security and makes it harder for thieves to access your car.

Use Steering Wheel Locks:
Steering wheel locks are highly visible and physically obstructive. Thieves may be deterred by the extra effort required to remove them.

Window Etching and Marking:
Etch your vehicle identification number (VIN) onto windows and use other marking methods. This not only makes your car less attractive to thieves but also aids in recovery if stolen.

GPS Tracking:
Install a GPS tracking device in your Fiesta. This can help the police locate and recover your vehicle more quickly if it's stolen.

Key Management:
Be careful with your keys. Avoid leaving them in obvious or easily accessible places. Place them in a Faraday box whilst at home to prevent the RFID signal from being intercepted. Use a Faraday pouch to store your fob about your person when you are out and about.

Join Vehicle Watch Programs:
Participate in local vehicle watch programmes or neighbourhood watch groups. Being part of a community which is aware of and is tackling crime can enhance overall security.

Remember that no security measure is foolproof, but combining those listed above can significantly reduce theft risk and make your Ford Fiesta less appealing to potential thieves. Additionally, make sure you stay up to date with local crime trends and take the appropriate precautions.

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