The best garage security products to keep your car safe

Keeping your garage safe from sticky fingers if the worst happens.

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From high-tech solutions to the illuminating world of outdoor floodlights, car and garage security products have come a long way in the past 30 years. No longer are there stories of Vauxhall Novas started with tablespoons or nicked Sierra Cossies being used as getaway cars. While there has been a rise in keyless car thefts in recent years, a good quality RFID or Faraday pouch should prevent that.

But what about the old-fashioned garage break-in? Or even sneak attacks on driveways? Thankfully, there are steps you can take to keep the contents of your garage safer from sticky fingers.

This is especially relevant now, as between 2022-2023, over 130,000 car thefts were recorded across England and Wales. And there are some especially scary stories of cars being swiped in a matter of minutes - or even less.

The best garage security products at a glance:

Editor's pick: Blink Outdoor Wireless Camera - Buy from Amazon.
Best garage alarm system: Guardline Smart Home Security System - Buy from Amazon.
Best security camera for inside your garage: TP Link Tapo Security Camera - Buy from Amazon.

We've gathered some of the most comprehensive security systems, outdoor security cameras included, available to ensure your vehicle is in safe hands. Whether it's stored in the garage or on the driveway, there will be a solution for you. These are our top picks from each category.

The best garage security products

Best garage alarm system

Guardline Smart HomeVia Guardline

Rrp: $70.99

Price: $64.99

Using passive infrared technology to detect heat and motion, Guardline's security system stretches up to 152m of range. This is provided that trees or other objects aren't blocking the path.

You simply install it with four screws, which can range from a tree to the top of your garage. This is an incredibly comprehensive security system for garages sitting at the end of long driveways or are far to reach from your house. Two alarm sensors are also included for optimum reassurance.


  • Comprehensive alarm system
  • Versatile sensors


  • May not be too useful if garage is in an awkward spot

Best outdoor floodlights

best outdoor floodlightsVia Meikee

When it comes to adjustability, Meikee's floodlights leave little to be desired. They can rotate 180° horizontally and 90° vertically, making things incredibly easy when you want to shine light on your favoured part of the driveway.

It has 56 LEDs and a beam angle of 270°. They can also detect motion up to 12 metres away. In essence, your visitors will get a lovely tan should they decide to visit without an invite.


  • Adjustable
  • Plenty of lighting power


  • Requires a wall-mounted installation

Best smart spotlight for your garage

Phillips Hue outdoor spotlightVia Phillips Hue

Granted, in order for the smart welcome light to work effectively, you have to add a couple of separate items. These are the Phillips Hue bridge to pair the light to and a motion sensor to... well... sense things.

However, when connected together, this is an incredibly comprehensive lighting set-up for a smart home. It can be paired with Alexa, Apple Homekit, or Google Assistant - making it a doddle to turn on and off the light when desired.


  • Able to pair with Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Assistant
  • Incredibly comprehensive lighting set-up for a smart home


  • Bridge and motion sensors are not included

Best home CCTV system

Hiseeu CCTV systemVia Hiseeu

Able to be controlled directly from your phone, Hiseeu's wireless CCTV system is the most comprehensive of its type out there. With 355° horizontal rotation and 90° tilt, you can scan your driveway with ease.

Built-in for optimum quality is H265+ and a socking great 3TB hard drive. So, if you need to review any footage, you can be assured that the quality of the cameras will be a good score. You can even pair it with Alexa, which is handy, and the kit comes with its own monitor, so you have less devices to pair it to.


  • Monitor included
  • Lots of adjustability
  • Great quality


  • 15m colour night vision isn't the greatest available

What should I consider with my garage security?

How much you want to pay is probably going to be your top priority. As you've probably noticed, garage security is expensive. And unless you want to make do with cheap products from unverified brands, it won't get cheaper. This can be a lot to stomach, the love for your car may be worth shelling out a security system for. Even if it's a simple garage alarm setup.

Continuing the theme of cost, most of the smart home products will require a monthly subscription on top of the purchase prices. Companies like Ring and Phillips Hue will require dedicated accounts in order for the systems to work. Whether setting up a smart system or not is up to you. But it's all about the ease of access of your cameras, lights or footage.

Should I be concerned about PIR range?

Great question - especially in regards to a good CCTV set-up. But what view do you have of your driveway and street? If you live on the end of a cul de sac and want to spot visitors from afar, then a longer range might be worth it. But if you don't, and your driveway is covered by bushes or a high wall, then a short range system should be fine for you.

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