The best dual dash cam bundles

Having front and rear dash cams naturally provides extra security and peace of mind when driving.

best dual dash cam bundles

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More and more of us are realising the value of having a dual dash cam installed to provide evidence in the case of an accident and reduce the chances of damage and theft. They can also get you a reduction in your insurance premium.

Even a budget front-facing cam will provide footage of the view of what's happening on the road ahead, but what about behind you? New research shows that rear-end collisions account for 27% of traffic incidents in the UK, accounting for roughly 400,000 bumps annually.

The best dual dash cams at a glance:

Editor's pick: Nextbase 522GW Dash Cam Front and Rear Camera - Buy now from Amazon UK
Best budget dash cam bundle: Orskey CameraCore S900 Dual Dash Cam - Buy now from Amazon UK
Best basic dual dash cam bundle: Navitel-R250 Dual Dash Cam - Buy now from Amazon UK

In this article, we take a look at dash cams, specifically those that come with a rear cam. We look at why they are useful, what features are important, and which front-rear dash cam bundles are worth your investment.

The best dual dash cams

Editor's pick

While this bundle gives you the wired rear camera that goes in the back window, you can also buy an add-on rear-facing cam that connects to the main camera itself. We've tested the add-on cam, and it works very well indeed. But either way, the quality of recording seen on the 522GW is top-notch. You can dual record in 1440p and 720p or 1080p and 1080p with great colour and detail.

In addition to the impressive software, the built quality of the 522GW is exceptional. The interface is very easy to use thanks to a three-inch touchscreen and simple menus, and the Click&Go PRO magnetic mount is simple and solid. There's no need to get a memory card either because this comes with one.


  • Great value
  • Easy interface


  • No suction cup

Best budget dash cam bundle

Orskey CameraCore S900 Dash Cam Bundle
Price: $59.99

In terms of bang for buck (or punch for pound if you prefer nationalistic alliteration), you can't do better than the budget Orskey CameraCore S900. The front-facing recording is Full-HD 1080p at 30fps with a Sony sensor and even has High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. It makes for impressive video quality in this price range.

The rear cam is waterproof and can be externally mounted above the number plate. Some may opt to mount it internally. The video quality of the rear cam is perfectly acceptable but not exceptional. However, you do get a memory card included, which is very handy.

Sometimes cheap dash cams can be crap to use. But that's a large contributing factor in why the Orskey is here because it isn't. It's very easy to set up and straightforward to use.

Read our guide to the best budget dash cams.


  • Rear cam can be mounted externally
  • Easy set-up


  • Maximum SD Card size is too small for long journeys

Best dash cam bundle for safety features

This is the only dash cam here that can take on the Nextbase 522GW to some degree. While the 522GW beats the Thinkware F770 for ease of use, video quality, location accuracy, and value, the F770 fights back with features of its own. The F770 has lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and access to a speed camera database. The video quality is great for both cameras, with Full-HD 1080p at both ends. Like the 522GW, the F770 has Wi-Fi and GPS.

Thinkware dash cams are relatively large, but because they are flat, they fit snugly and out of sight behind the rearview mirror.


  • Good safety features
  • Flat shape for easy fit


  • Smartphone required for set up

Best for 4K front, FHD rear recording

If you want the best 4K dual dash cam, go for the Nextbase flagship 622GW model. However, saving yourself well over £100, you can opt for this one instead.

What's the compromise? The VIOFO A129 Pro DUO doesn't bear the same level of features (Alexa, what3words, emergency SOS, image stabilisation, for example) but, crucially, does also record in 4K at 30fps.

Thanks to its shape, size (about that of an egg) and lack of suction mount, the A129 Pro DUO is very discreet, the most discreet here, in fact. Operation is simple, and the Wi-Fi connectivity suffers no issues.


  • Good picture quality
  • Compact design


  • Set-up can take a little time

Where to mount your dash cam?

All the dash cams here are easy to set up. Instructions will show you the best placement for your dash cam. For the front camera, this is hidden behind the rear view mirror, and for the rear, adhered to the window but make sure the position allows for a good view for the lens.

Wires and cables can be hidden in the headlining and various gaps if you want to hardwire the dash cam – instructions will inform you of the best way to do this for individual cameras.

While the video quality of your dash cam may be great, it will become instantly not great when windscreens and rear windows are grubby. Grab a microfibre cloth and keep them clean.

You may want to consider hardwiring your dash cam rather than using the 12V plug. This is a little more fiddly but will allow you to take advantage of the camera's parking monitor software. Hardwiring kits can be bought instead of a 12V plug or separately, depending on the model. You can always opt to get your dash cam professionally fitted for a fee if you wish.

Why a dash cam is important

Before you even get down to the business of choosing a dash cam, naturally, you will be wondering whether a dash cam is worthwhile at all.

The first and strongest argument for having a dash cam in your car concerns money. Fitting your car with a dash cam can reduce your insurance premiums, depending on your insurance provider.

For example, renowned dash cam brand Nextbase has partnered with a number of insurance companies, offering chunky discounts on insurance premiums to Nextbase dash cam owners.

Another reason for getting yourself a dash cam is that it acts as a deterrent to other road users guilty of unsavoury and unsocial driving habits. Dash cams are discreet, but they aren't invisible. Other drivers can spot your dash cam and tend to respond accordingly. And the other thing is that dash cams are so popular now it's safer to assume any given car has one.

Important features in a front-rear dash cam bundle

There are several important dash cam features that you don't really have to be concerned about because they come as standard on every dash cam you'll find. They are G-sensor (automatically saves the footage if the sensor feels a jolt), loop recording, and parking monitor.

For the front camera, you'll want a minimum of Full-HD 1080p recording quality with a reasonable frame rate of at least 30fps. The angle width of the lens is important, too, because it determines how much the road the camera can capture. You'll want at least 140 degrees.

For the rear camera, things vary a bit. Some rear cameras are internally mounted, and some externally. And naturally, if you get one that is external, it needs to be robust and properly waterproof. Rear cameras don't usually have the same quality of video as the front cameras, but 720p should be an absolute minimum.

From there, you can have as many or as few additional features as you wish. Wi-Fi and GPS are both useful, the former allowing you to quickly access files on your phone, the latter giving more precise information on your location and speed.

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