The best mirror dash cams

Save yourself a headache after an accident with a mirror dash cam

The best mirror dash cams on sale

by Ryan Gilmore |

It's utterly heart-breaking if your pride and joy is involved in a crash. Especially if there is debate on who caused the accident. That's where a dash cam can help determine what happened and who caused the accident.

There are plenty of great dash cams currently for sale but they only cover the front of your car. And with 27% of accidents being rear-end shunts, it is well worth considering getting a dash cam that covers both ends of your car. So take a look at our top picks for mirror dash cams.

What to look for in a mirror dash cam

Video quality: The higher quality the better, 1080p (HD) should be perfectly acceptable.

Lens type: A wider lens (120+ degrees) will give you more coverage

G-Sensor: When triggered by excessive g-force (like in a crash or emergency stop) it will ensure that that footage is saved and will not be written over.

Parking mode: This will start recording if your car is hit when parked up. A great feature to have if someone drives off after an accident.

How is it powered?

Most dash cams will simply plug into your cigarette lighter to receive power. This effectively means your engine must be running in order to power your dash cam, perfect for driving, rubbish if you need to leave your car anywhere. Your best bet is to look at buying a hardwire kit that will ensure your dash cam will be powered at all times. Just make sure it features a setting to avoid your battery from draining.


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