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CCTV systems

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Car and garage security, including home CCTV systems, seems to be an increasing worry for many people. With more horror stories being shared across social media of cars being swiped it makes more sense than ever to invest in one. After all, successfully solved crimes tend to be those captured by either dash cam setups or from people's CCTV cameras. Simply because raw footage provides a sweet little thing called evidence.

It isn’t the sole recommendation for securing your car. Because it’s also worth investing in physical ways to keep your vehicle locked up tight, such as steering wheel locks or blocking the relay signal used by thieves. There are a number of layers of security you can opt for, but one solution isn't going to cover everything.

Nevertheless, CCTV footage may prove valuable one day if either you or one of your neighbours finds themselves in that horror story and we've found the best.

The best home CCTV systems at a glance

Editor's pick: Hiseeu Wireless PTZ Home Security System - buy from Amazon.
The best value system: Sannce Wireless CCTV System - buy from Amazon.
The best equipped: Zosi 8CH 1080p Security Camera Setup - buy from Amazon.

The best home CCTV systems

Editor's pick

Hiseeu CCTV systemVia Hiseeu

On the higher end of the spectrum, Hiseeu's wireless home CCTV system can also be controlled directly from your phone. With a vertical 90° tilt and 355° horizontal rotation, these cameras can scan pretty much all of your driveway with ease.

With H265+ and a healthy 3TB hard drive on board, you can be assured the quality of your footage will be top-notch. The Hiseeu can even be paired with Alexa for even more ease. But unlike the other options, this CCTV system comes with a monitor of its own without the necessity to pair it to your devices.


  • Comes with its own monitor
  • Lots of adjustability


  • 15m colour night vision range isn't the best

The best equipped home CCTV system

Zosi 8CH CCTVVia Zosi

Complete with all the CCTV requirements you need, Zosi’s 8-piece security camera set is a sensible choice. With 24/7 recording, weatherproof cameras, motion detection and the ability to see up to 24 metres in complete darkness using infrared night vision. With ambient light, that extends to the soft end of 40 metres.

You can easily access what’s happening from the Zosi app too. With a USB backup which can be used when saving footage, this is about as useful as it gets for the world of home CCTV. Especially if there's a 2TB hard drive to store things in.


  • Extensive night vision
  • Excellently comprehensive CCTV system


  • 2TB isn't quite as large as others

The best home CCTV system for night vision


Like the Zosi, you get immediate alerts sent to your phone if activity is detected. This home CCTV system is compatible with 3G, 4G, 5G, and WIFI and captures clear infrared images up to 30 metres away.

There are no monthly fees to worry about either. It’s a case of set up and monitor, and monitor well with H265+ coding for clearer, longer videos while taking up less memory space. However, that will be because the ANNKE setup only has a 1TB hard drive, which isn't as competitive as others.


  • 8 cameras included for different viewpoints
  • H265+ recording


  • Only has 1TB hard drive

Best value CCTV system

Sannce CCTV systemVia Sannce

Like the other CCTV options, the Sannce setup is designed to be easily installed and even easier to use. It can detect objects via infrared up to 30 metres away and footage is easily accessible via your phone through a WIFI signal. It also represents a great deal of value compared to the other options, while offering similar kit levels.

The Sannce can even be paired with Alexa for hands-free use on certain paired devices. However, it is hindered slightly by its H264+ recording, which while impressive, isn’t quite a match for the better quality, more efficient H265+ which other systems have.


  • Alexa paired
  • Easy to use


  • H264+ isn't as advanced as others

The most compatible home CCTV system

Swann DVR security systemVia Swann

Unfortunately, colour night vision only extends to 10 metres with Swann's answer to a home CCTV system. But with Alexa and Hey Google compatibility amongst other things, the rest of it is very comprehensive.

You get a 1080p HD image - making footage properly clear when you need it most. It also comes with flashing coloured lights and spotlights to deter intruders which is a handy feature when you spot activity occurring. However, it only comes with 1TB which is equivalent to 180 days of recording - which isn't as sizable as other CCTV options.


  • Plenty of lights for deterrence
  • Can be paired with Alexa and Hey Google


  • 10m night vision isn't as great as others

What should I consider when buying a home CCTV system?

Perhaps obviously, the number one priority is how much you can see. The range that either an infrared or full-colour night vision camera has along with angle adjustments is everything. After all, if you need to submit any footage to the police, the greater quality, the better. For optimum lighting and vision, investing in a set of outdoor floodlights may be worth considering.

One way of finding out is looking at footage from said cameras, and seeing how well you can read the registration plates of a car across the street. Or at the very least, clearly identify the make, model, trim and colour. CCTV cameras will never be as clear as a dedicated photography/video camera but you should be able to see enough.

Another handy thing to bear in mind is storage. Home CCTV cameras constantly record footage 24/7, so you'll need a lot of space if you need to save clips. Some systems have a H265+ compression which tightens down the amount of data those clips take while providing better quality. If the system has H264+ compression - a more standard form - more space will be taken up.

Should I worry about monthly subscriptions?

In most cases, manufacturers of home CCTV systems won't have one. This is probably due to the manufacturers becoming competitive of each other and trying to offer the best deal. But always check the small print at the bottom of the item listing.

However, CCTV cameras differ slightly from outdoor security cameras. The latter is available in a number of smart guises and will require monthly subscriptions in order to save and share your clips. The main difference is that outdoor security cameras are part of a smart home setup and enables you to actively talk to visitors from paired devices. CCTVs are more standardised as far as monitoring your home goes and almost always require a wired installation.

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