The best car stocking fillers

Nail those little automotive gifts with a little help from CAR.

best car stocking fillers

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How do you begin to search for car stocking fillers for anybody? It appears that Christmas is just around the corner and that means it's time to start thinking about the right presents for the important people in your life. We've covered a whole range of car gifts for petrolheads and even diverted into separate brands.

While finding larger gifts is hard enough, buying non-generic car stocking fillers for others can be a nightmare, especially if they happen to be for self-confessed petrolheads.

There are many different genres that your petrolhead loved one might be into. From books to model cars and even gaming, the automotive industry expands into so many areas. For example, we've even created a guide on Porsche-related gifts. It just goes to show how much money there is within a brand.

Best car stocking fillers at a glance:

Editor's pick: Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax Car Shampoo and Conditioner - buy from Amazon
Best car stocking filler for model car fans: Hot Wheels Team Transport BMW M Set - buy from Amazon
Best car stocking filler for F1 fans: F1 2023 - buy from Amazon

But don't worry, if our BMW gift guide among others isn't helpful enough. CAR has your back with a list of what we'd happily receive as our car stocking fillers. Though to be faithfully honest, some gifts will fit in bigger socks than others.

The best car stocking fillers

Editor's pick

best car stocking fillersVia Meguiar's

Rrp: $16.97

Price: $14.17
Alternative retailers
Walmart$9.97View offer
Target$9.99View offer
Blain Farm & Fleet$10.19View offer
Lowe's$14.98View offer

Instead of fancy people shampoo, fancy car shampoo is sure to be appreciated. This wash from Meguiar's is a very effective car shampoo that can also be used as a snow foam.It's pH neutral and won't remove existing paint protection such as wax - and a biodegradable solution too. The shampoo can be diluted at a 1:5 ratio, so it will last a while.


  • pH neutral
  • Can also be used as snow foam


  • They could've offered a larger bottle

Best cleaning kit stocking filler

best car stocking fillersVia Autoglym

The perfect gift for someone whose obsessed with maintaining a shiny finish on their car, Autoglym's neat Wash and Protect cleaning kit includes 500ml of foaming car wash, 500ml of wax as well as two microfibre towels for a streak-free surface.

This is a wonderful present for someone who is looking forward to the many cars and coffee meets beginning in the new year, and needs a cleaning kit to prepare their pride and joy.


  • Incredibly useful cleaning kit
  • Microfibre towels a nice touch


  • Wash mitt not included

The best stocking filler gift for car detailers

best car stocking fillersVia 26JPN

A really good set of detailing brushes will take car cleaning to the next level which is why we recommend buying these 26JPN examples for a keen amateur detailer.They're made using boar hair bristles meaning they're soft enough not to damage paintwork but strong enough to agitate and lift dirt. They're also made using no metal which again reduces the chance of scratches.


  • Won't damage your paintwork
  • Strong enough to deal with dirt


  • Some won't appreciate the boar hair use

The best complete car cleaning kit stocking filler

best car stocking fillersVia Autoglym

On the larger end of the Autoglym cleaning kit scale, we have the Supreme Car Care Cleaning Kit. It consists of 12 items which includes everything from shampoo and conditioner to glass cleaner, and even a can of wheel protector.

Tyre dressing is also included as well as a wash mitt and two microfibre towels to ensure that you have a great finish to your cleaning job on whichever component. You just have to hope the stocking is large enough to fit all of that kit inside.


  • Very comprehensive cleaning kit
  • Includes good quality mitt and microfibre towels


  • Some de-icer spray would've been a nice addition

The best motoring book stocking fillers

The best stocking filler book for trivia nerds

best car stocking fillersVia Sniff Petrol

Does the car enthusiast in your life live for weird car facts and anecdotes? Well in that case this trio of car trivia books will be as sacred as The Lord of the Rings trilogy to them .Each one is packed full of arcane bits of trivia, a sizable chunk of which are focused on British Leyland. It's available as either a trio of ebooks on the Kindle or in print, both making perfect stocking fillers.


  • Ideal for car nerds
  • Loads of facts to behold


  • Maybe too boring for some

The best stocking filler book for fans of left-field cars

best car stocking fillersCAR

Rrp: $38.99

Price: $21.97
Alternative retailers
Target$22.49View offer

We've read this book for one of our previous editions of the monthly CAR Book Club. We find it to be the best-value interesting read available right now. It's packed with so many stories which is guaranteed to teach someone at least ten new things.

From Armstrong Siddeley to Willys, this book has many bygone marques which satisfies the fix of a rare and weird car lover. We highly recommend giving this one a read.


  • Fulfilled with interesting and fascinating stories
  • Lots to learn - even for car experts


  • A couple of cars in there aren't that lost or forgotten

The best stocking filler book for classic car fans

best car stocking fillersVia FUEL

Rrp: $34.95

Price: $24.69

Offering a big dollop of nostalgia and showcasing some witty and iconic car brochures, this book is a perfect stocking filler for any old car fanatic. Covering brochures from the 1960s to the 1980s what this book lacks in size it more than makes up for in style and imagery. We've had a thumb through and conclude it'd make a spectacular small coffee table book.


  • Fascinating dive through period car brochures
  • Lots of different marques and models


  • Not long enough

The best stocking filler book for quizzing fun

best car stocking fillersVia David Milloy
Price: $11.45

There are 150 multiple choice car questions in this cool pocket-sized book. And if that's not enough 2/3 of the book is devoted to discussing the history surrounding each question. Plus, any gift with a Porsche 928 GTS on it gets a nod of approval from us.


  • Great book for quizzing your car friends
  • Great value


  • Quizzing isn't for everyone

The best toy car stocking fillers

Best Lego stocking filler gift

best car stocking fillersVia Lego

Rrp: $62.99

Price: $59.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$76.99View offer

The Speed Champions series by Lego has taken the market with both hands as a plethora of cars licenced by different manufacturers is available. Arguably one of the best comes in the form of a white Lamborghini Countach.

Introduced in 1974 as a replacement to the revolutionary Miura, the Countach spanned many iterations and lasted well-until 1990. The car depicted in this Lego set looks like an 80s 5000S OR QV - the most distinctive of the range.


  • Great value
  • The best detail out of the Speed Champions cars


  • Only one colour and spec

The best for toy car collectors

best car stocking fillersVia Hot Wheels
Price: $59.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$45.88View offer

We're certain that a lot of you CAR readers are deeply into BMW's M division products. From M3s to M5s and even the Z3M Coupe, there's a Bavarian beast for you and probably someone you know very dearly.

Hot Wheels recognised this and offers this wonderful set of BMW M cars and a retro trailer truck to go with them. Included is the timeless E39 M5 and E46 M3 as well as the contemporary F87 M2, indicated by the side decals. What's more? It's a great value set for what you get.


  • Ideal for any BMW M fan
  • Makes for a wonderful display


  • E39 M5s don't suit white that much, do they?

Best stocking filler for a Japanese car lover

best car stocking fillersVia Hot Wheels
Price: $44.89
Alternative retailers
Walmart$44.89View offer

If you like your cars Japanese, tuned and with a flatbed truck included, this is the stocking filler for you - or for someone you know who loves the Japanese car scene.

Not only is the bed on the truck movable, so you can roll on the cars more easily, but the detail on the Honda Civic, Toyota Celica GT-Four, and Nissan Sentra SE-R is rather impressive for 1:64 scale. We can't imagine how joyed someone would feel after opening up their stocking to this Team Transport set.


  • Great gift for Japanese car fans
  • Truck has movable bed


  • Arguably not as cool as the BMW set

Best stocking filler for Forza fans

best car stocking fillersVia Turn10

It's taken a while (since 2017!) for Forza to release a new Motorsport game after the hype of Horizon 4 and 5 over the last few years. Thankfully, some new features are waiting.

It'll be hard to beat the rawness and satisfying progressiveness of Forza Motorsport 4, but the new Motorsport does introduce some rather epic new tracks including Kyalami and the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course. The car list is nowhere near as comprehensive as Motorsport 4, but some neat new additions such as the Cadillac V-Series R and Nissan Z are available, which is nice to see.


  • Fresh reboot of the Forza Motorsport Series
  • Healthy list of cars


  • Some cars will probably be reserved as DLC

Best stocking filler for F1 fans

best car stocking fillersVia EA Sports

Rrp: $39.00

Price: $31.00
Alternative retailers
Walmart$38.01View offer

Verstappen took the title via a sprint race. Some fans of the sport are against it and would prefer a full race to decide a title, but nevertheless, the FIA can't reverse itself now. But with the F1 games, you could always make your own driver and/or constructor story using the current line up of that season.

The great news about F1 is that with every year comes fresh season shakeups. You can check out the new Las Vegas Street Circuit for yourself as well as embrace Fernando Alonso in his full Aston Martin form.


  • Realistic F1 environments and team feedback
  • Improved graphics


  • Bit too hardcore for some

The best value gaming gear lever

best car stocking fillersVia Logitech

Rrp: $75.00

Price: $68.00
Alternative retailers
Walmart$59.95View offer

This compact and great-value gear lever is compatible for the Logitech G29/G290 or G923 gaming wheels. It's not platform-specific with any buttons, so whether you have a wheel for a PS4/5 or Xbox One or Series S, this gear lever will connect straight up.

The feel of it isn't the most intuitive. Not at least compared to the more premium options on the market, but this is reflected in it's price, and for getting to grips with a comprehensive sim setup, this lever is a great starting point for getting used to heel-and-toe. At least after a few slightly spinny hours on Project CARS 2.


  • Easy to install
  • Ideal lever for the casual gamer


  • Quality of the shifts isn't the best in the world

The best miscellaneous stocking fillers for petrolheads

Best stocking filler candle

That's right, the world of motorsport and smelly candles have collided and this is the result. Made from soy and presented in a miniaturised oil drum, this candle is a classy way to indulge in a love of cars. We've given it a go and can get the pine and smoky notes, even if the E10 notes are subdued. Expect 60 hours of runtime, nothing to be sniffed at. Plus, anything with a Martini stripe automatically gets a spot on our shelf.


  • Soya based
  • Looks fantastic


  • Not the strongest scent

A stylish Eau de Toilette

Rrp: $17.23

Price: $16.09
Alternative retailers
Walmart$24.42View offer

Luxury car manufacturers and aftershave go together like Rolls and Royce, so it's only natural that Jaguar would get in on the action. Housed in a classy green bottle, this 100ml Eau de Toilette would make for a charming stocking filler idea. We've (thoroughly) tested it and were surprised by the lack of leather and wood, but pleasantly intrigued by the fruity notes.


  • Nice bottle
  • Strong Eau de Toilette


  • Subjective smell

The best stocking filler gift for travellers

best car stocking fillersVia Hydro Flask

Rrp: $32.95

Price: $24.69
Alternative retailers
Outdoor Gear Exchange$32.95View offer

We like the Coffee Flask from Hydro Flask for a number of reasons. It actually keeps fluids hot (up to 12 hours) and cold (up to 24 hours); it's really well made, featuring a grippy powder coated finish; it's easy to clean and great to use; there are several colours and volumes to choose from; and it replaces stupid single-use water bottles.


  • Ideal replacement for many cups and bottles
  • Well-made


  • Limited choice in colours

The best stocking filler gift for winter mornings

best car stocking fillersVia Chichil

Icy windows are a real pain to clean which makes this quality ice scraper the perfect gift for any driver. During the winter months, the windscreen of your car will occasionally be under a sheet of ice, and it's a time-consuming burden when you just need to get to work.But happily, the Swedish Ice Scraper is your ideal friend. The scarper is designed to deal with the harshest of Nordic winters meaning it'll easily cope here in Britain. It also comes with a handy case and features a little notch for clearing wiper blades too.


  • Fantastic quality ice scraper
  • Ideal for harsh winter mornings


  • Doesn't come with any extras

The best car charger stocking filler gift

best car stocking fillersVia VLED

And along came USB-C. The saint all-in-one USB connection we've been hankering for since USB came along in the late nineties and was then also hailed as a saint. Bring your car up to date with a useful USB and USB-C adaptor.


  • Great way to charge any phone on the move
  • Fits into 12V sockets and cigarette lighters


  • Not the fastest way to charge your phone

The best motoring themed coffee

It seems that coffee blends into car culture a lot more seamlessly than it needs to. There are actual car meets scattered across the globe that combine the two things, and then you have to remember a rather trendy place called Caffeine and Machine.

There's quite a few U.S brands that produce motoring-themed coffee, but we have a neat option in the UK as well. Although it's available for purchase through Selfridges & Co, Ride and Grind operates its coffee business from a wonderful pink gin-spec Russian IMZ-Ural motorcycle with a 1974 side car.

The 'Rocket Fuel' tin of coffee beans is in that same colour as well. But we love the ground coffee due to the fact it's the most straightforward to make.


  • A cool story behind the brand
  • You're supporting a small business


  • The packaging could be a tad more engaging

How you can generate more car stocking fillers ideas

You can always filter by brand if you know your gift recipient well. For example, if they're a fan of cars bearing the three-pointed star, they would probably like a car stocking filler something from our Mercedes gift guide. It could be anything from a t-shirt, a book, an umbrella with a 300SL gear knob as a handle, or a model car. There is something for everyone as far as motoring gifts go.

Then again, car books are great too as car stocking fillers. They often have all bases covered in terms of being a substantial gift to someone that'll last forever in someone's memory. Small ones that fit in stocking fillers are reassuringly affordable as well. Little quiz or quick fact books are sublime answers to the stocking question.

But perhaps if the car stocking fillers are well... quite large. Then a car advent calendar for a loved one would be a fabulous way to treat a petrolhead over the course of December. And these car stocking fillers can be achieved without necessarily breaking the bank either, which is handy.

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