The best Mercedes gifts

Gifts classier than a Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3.

best Mercedes gifts

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Searching for the best Mercedes gifts is perhaps the toughest task so far in our car gift guide series. This is simply because the marque has the richest, oldest, and most illustrious history of any car manufacturer.

"Call me old school but hey, I'm a 90s baby in my 80s Mercedes." Those are the lyrics from an addictive song by the pop artist, Maren Morris. She was cruising past palm trees in an R107 SL, and it's easy to understand why her character has such an affection for it.

The best Mercedes gifts at a glance:

Editor's pick: 300SL Gear Knob Umbrella - buy from eBay.
The best classic Mercedes model: Norev 1:18 280SE W108 - buy from Amazon.
The coolest Mercedes mug: 300SEL 6.8 AMG Rote Sau mug - buy from Etsy.

No other brand has the same diversity as Mercedes. From the ubiquitous Sprinter vans that deliver packages to the blisteringly fast Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, there really is something for everyone. But at the same time, the brand holds an amazing affection that can only be rivalled by another Stuttgart brand - and you can check out the best Porsche gifts after this one.

Inspired by our BMW gift guide, we've decided to put together a selection of the best Mercedes gifts. Perfect for the Mercedes lover in your life (or yourself).

The best Mercedes gifts

Editor's pick

best Mercedes giftsVia eBay

If you've ever sat in Merc's most iconic sports car, the 300SL Gullwing, you'll be familiar with it's beige rounded gear knob. It's good news for MB enthusiasts because you can hold that same gear knob while sheltering yourself in an official branded umbrella.

Even if you've never used a brolly, this is a seriously tempting treat-yourself moment for the whole team at CAR. We will even go as far to say this is perhaps one of the best Mercedes gifts... ever.


  • Seriously cool umbrella
  • Keeps you dry from the rain


  • You won't be shifting gears, I'm afraid

The coolest Mercedes mug

best Mercedes giftsVia Etsy

Hans Werner Aufrecht and Elhard Melcher set out to shake the world of motor racing... with a heavy, luxurious limosuine. The 300SEL 6.3 was fast, but the only races it was interested in was the odd autobahn sprint.

But AMG took one, bored out the engine to 6.8 litres amongst numerous handling upgrades, and entered it into the 1971 Spa 24h. The Rote Sau (Red Pig) finished first in its class and second overall - an amazing feat for a luxury cruiser among speedboats. Mercedes themselves have made a recreation, but the original car that raced is mysteriously missing. Happily however, you can embody the spirit of the Rote Sau by drinking coffee out of a race-worn effect mug.

It includes the no.35 among all the sponsors that put their brand names on the ambitious machine.


  • Race worn/weathered effect
  • Embodies spirit of the AMG Rote Sau


  • You'll have to make up V8 noises through your throat

The best Mercedes RC car

best Mercedes giftsVia Tamiya
Price: $118.58

Tamiya is renowned for making excellent R/C cars and this model is no different. A faithful 1:10 recreation of the Mercedes AMG GT3 racer, this model is based on the fabled TT-02 chassis and offers 4WD, a powerful 540 electric motor and independent suspension.


  • Lovely detail
  • A nice amount of engineering to drool over


  • Doesn't make V8 noises

Best classic Mercedes model

best Mercedes giftsVia Norev

If there was a car that encapsulated the spirit of Mercedes without effort, it will be a variant of the Sonderklasse (S-Class). The W108/109 generation that ran from 1965-72 was an engineering marvel of its time and the default vehicle for anyone with an ounce of political importance.

Norev's 1:18 scale model of the 280SE is treated with amazing detail as well as great quality. You don't get the smooth, silky soundtrack of the M130 straight six engine, but you get the looks. And to some, that's all that matters.


  • Incredible detail
  • A superb display of a true MB highlight


  • Has the stacked headlights rather than the prettier covered ones

The best Mercedes Ponton model

best Mercedes giftsVia Minichamps

The W120 series was MB's first nudge into the executive segment as a model that sat below the Sonderklasse (220S at the time). It was nicknamed the 'Erlkönig' (E-Class) and set the staple for the trusty, dependable saloon that millions of people still rely on to this day.

This 1:43 model of a black 180 Ponton looks very much like the car that chased down 007's DB5 in the film, Goldfinger. Being a Minichamps model, it's filled with detail and possesses more than adequate quality for its size.


  • A great model of an important Mercedes vehicle
  • The case is a lovely bonus


  • The ride height is lower than it should be

The best Mercedes artwork

best Mercedes giftsVia Etsy

The 1955 Le Mans 24h will forever be tainted in history as the blackest race in motorsport history. Yet it represented the final push for Merc's most advanced racer yet, the 300SLR.

Powered by a thunderous straight eight and capable of speeds incomputable to the human brain at the time, this print encapsulates the heroic last moment of glory that the silver arrows took before retiring from motorsport.


  • A dynamic image of a couple of 300SLRs
  • Looks great in any room


  • It was a dark moment in motorsport

The best Mercedes t-shirt

best Mercedes giftsVia Teepublic

The Mercedes-Benz W124 is a cool car and the coupe version, the C124, is quickly becoming a desirable classic. Celebrate the boxy looks of the C124 with this t-shirt. It's great for showing off the cool lines of this classic Benz and is available in a range of colours and sizes.

This is one of the best Mercedes gifts if you're simply looking for a new piece of clothing and nothing particularly fancy.


  • A great t-shirt for any W124 fan
  • Shows off the silhouette well


  • We would prefer if a pre-facelift car was used

Why do we love Mercedes Benz?

Truth be told, with such a variety of an engineering portfolio, Mercs have many different stories to tell. From thundering through the Mille Miglia with Sir Stirling Moss at the wheel to carrying Diplomats from conference to conference. If you were especially unlucky, you might've rode in the back of a Sprinter ambulance at one point. Despite the plethora of Audi gifts available, the brand cache of Mercedes is far greater than the four rings.

The fact of the matter is, Mercedes Benz has the oldest and richest portfolio of any automotive manufacturer in the world. The reason why various Ferrari gifts are so popular is because the brand has largely been centred around racing and the passion attached to it. With Mercedes, the racing is just one corner along with a heap of other achievements.

What is the greatest Mercedes of them all?

Depends what you want, really. If you're a fan of Subaru Imprezas and the gifts associated with it, you may not agree with our choice. But in the spirit of the brand's engineering excellence, we're saying the W100 600.

What about the worst?

Anyone remember the A-Class based Vaneo? Yeah, that.

Ryan Gilmore is the Deputy Autos and Tools Editor for CAR, specialising in car cleaning and hand tools. With an MA in Automotive Journalism, when he's not testing buckets he can be found looking at old Porsches.

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Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us.

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us